What Color Should You Dye Easter Eggs this Year?

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Dying Easter eggs is a tradition everyone loves. When you gather the kids around this year, what color will you dye your eggs? Will you stick with the traditional pastels or do something a little more adventurous?

What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Which color do you like most?

What would you fill plastic Easter eggs with?

Where will you participate in an Easter egg hunt?

What traditional Easter food to you like most?

What is your favorite Easter time flower?

What is your favorite egg dish?

Other than a chicken egg, what kind of egg might you dye?

What is your favorite thing about spring?

What flavor Cadbury Egg do you like most?

Which item are you most likely to put in an Easter basket?

Which Easter animal do you find most adorable?

What will you use to decorate your dyed eggs?

Who will help you dye your Easter eggs?

Where will you have Easter dinner?

What egg shaped candy do you like most?

What homemade Easter candy might you try to make?

What is the trickiest place you will hide an Easter egg?

Who will help you hide your Easter eggs?

Is Easter your favorite holiday?

If you were to dress up as an Easter mascot, what would you be?

Who will you be happiest to see this Easter?

Will you buy a new Easter outfit?

What Spring time activity do you like most?

What sort of Easter celebration will you attend?

Do you enjoy dying eggs?

How will you dye your eggs?

How many Easter eggs will you dye?

Would you include real eggs in an Easter basket?

Will you get an Easter basket this year?

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