What Color Lipstick Matches Your Inner Beauty?

By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

There are so many shades of lipstick out there that it can be hard to know what really suits you. In fact, even within one single color things can get tricky. Sure, you might like red lipstick, but will a blue-red, orange-red, blackened red, pinky red, plummy red, brownish red, brick red or something else entirely suit you best? Skin tones and undertones also make it tricky. While two people might have medium skin tones, depending on their individual undertones, the same shade of red might look amazing on one and not so great on the other. While some shades are more all-embracing than others, like classic pinup blue reds, that doesn't mean that they suit everyone's tastes!  

So, answer these questions and see if we can help you cut through millions and millions of lipstick shades and zero in on the color that will match your inner beauty and make you feel like a million bucks! Many of us have a weakness for lipsticks and other lip products, but which one is the perfect match for your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty? Put us to the test and see if we can get it right! 

Do you like to switch your makeup up with the seasons?

What colors are most prevalent in your wardrobe?

How often do you touch up your makeup throughout the day?

How do you like your mascara to make your lashes look?

What is your opinion of the no-makeup makeup trend?

You are running late and only have five minutes to get ready; what part of your makeup routine do you focus most on?

Do you own a lot of unusual lipstick colors, like greens and black?

How important is it to you that makeup is "wearable"?

Which of these styles do you like best for makeup?

How do you feel about "Instagram Brows"?

How long do you wear your nails?

What makeup item are you the biggest sucker for?

Which kind of body makeup are you more likely to wear?

How do you feel about scent in makeup products?

How much does packaging influence you when it comes to makeup?

Which of these describes your favorite makeup looks best?

Are you into clean beauty?

Which of these makes you happiest?

What dominates your makeup collection?

Do you regularly contour your face?

How often do you wear false lashes?

What kind of eyeshadow palettes are you the most attracted to?

Everyone knows about lip gloss. What other types of gloss would you be likely to wear?

When it comes to lip products, what finish do you like?

When do you feel most powerful?

What size eye shadow palettes do you prefer?

How much makeup do you keep in your bag?

Do you like to shop for makeup?

Blue eyeshadow is on trend. Would you wear it?

Which of these products could you most do without?

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