What Color Eyeshadow Matches Your Inner Beauty?

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Your inner beauty may be defined by certain types of fashion, hair products and makeup choices, but do you want to know the one product that will make you stand out in a crowd? Eyeshadow! People are usually drawn to your eyes first, and it's always important to glam up those peepers when it comes to parties, events and dates. There are also a wide variety of makeup techniques that you can utilize to create different kinds of eye makeup looks, such as smokey eyes and natural eyes (via a "no makeup" makeup look).

Aside from techniques, there are also many different eyeshadow colors to choose from. These can vary from light and dark to shimmery and solid colors. If you're feeling bold, you can also blend several eyeshadow colors together. But if you're unsure about the different types of eyeshadow products, colors and techniques, we suggest checking out some articles and YouTube videos. The modern web is full of free makeup resources that you can use to go from beginner mode to expert mode in no time at all. But you don't need to be a makeup guru to take this beauty quiz. Even if you don't own any makeup products, we're going to find out a little more about your personality to see which eyeshadow color is right for you!

Do you feel beautiful when you're having a bad hair or skin day or do you need beauty products for a boost of confidence?

Which of the following outfits would you want to wear on a first date with your ideal crush?

Everyone has a certain type of face shape and today, we want to know what yours is!

Would you rather trade your beauty for more intelligent traits or trade your intelligence to become more beautiful?

Which of these flowers would you want to bottle in a fragrance for a pretty floral scent?

Is your personality more like the bright sun in the sky or is it like a shining star during the evening hours?

Don't worry, everyone faces certain types of skin problems! Which of the following do you relate to the most?

You have the opportunity to transform your look into one of these celebrities! Who are you going to pick?

When it comes to painting your nails, do you prefer floral patterns, solid colors or abstract designs?

It's time to think in a fashionable way! Which of the following U.S. cities does your style personality represent?

You've just won a free piece of jewelry from an elegant jewelry store! Which one of these will you claim as a prize?

Does your sense of style consist of masculine qualities, feminine qualities or a mix of both?

If you were going to get ready for a first date, how many minutes would it take you to feel beautiful?

Imagine your dream wedding for a moment. Would it have a theme to it or would it be a more old-fashioned kind of wedding?

Pretend that there's a crystal at the center of your soul. Which of these crystals provides you with the energy that you need?

Humans and animals are quite similar to each other, which means that your personality must match one of these adorable animals! Which one is it?

Do you think that all skin flaws are beautiful or does beauty come from the idea of being flawless?

What do you tend to notice about someone when you meet them for the very first time?

It's brag o'clock, which means it's time for you to tell us which of your physical features you're proud of the most! Which of these is it?

When it comes to vintage and modern types of fashion, which one do you prefer to wear?

Think carefully now! Which of the following Earth elements resonates with your inner soul the most?

You've just won a month-long trip to one of the following exotic locations! Which one are you going to pick?

Embrace your inner street smarts and/or book smarts! Everyone has a certain type of intelligence and we want to know what type you have!

On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), how skilled are you when it comes to makeup techniques?

If you could adopt the fashionable sense of style of one of these Disney princesses, which one would you pick?

Each of the four seasons provides room for new types of fashion and makeup choices! What's your favorite season of the year?

It's time to embark on a new career path! When it comes to the entertainment industry, would you rather be a model, an actor or a singer?

Are you the type of person who has many friends and acquaintances or do you prefer to live a life of solitude?

Let's talk about who you are on the inside! Is your inner soul more soft and vulnerable or is it as tough as concrete?

Would other people describe you as a humorous type of person or is this 100% a lie?

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