What Circus Act Should You Perform?

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All the years of hard work have paid off, and now you're going to take your show to the big top tent. When you perform at the circus, what will your act be?

Which circus animal do you like most?

What snack do you get when you go to the circus?

Are you a good dancer?

Do you get stage fright?

How musically inclined are you?

If you were not a circus performer, what would your circus job be?

What do you like most about the circus?

Are you afraid of heights?

Which famous clown do you like most?

Which freak show act would you most like to see?

Have you ever been in a play?

How would your friends describe you?

Who would you take to the circus with you?

What do you like most about clowns?

How many times have you been to the circus?

Would you ever lie on a bed of nails?

How many balls can you juggle at once?

What do you think of tightrope walkers?

What circus act would you like to try?

Would you ever entered A "Wheel of Death?"

Who would you like to use as a human cannonball?

If you were to get a circus themed tattoo, what would it be?

Who do you think would make the best ringmaster?

Other than a circus performer, what kind of entertainer would you be?

Which of the following sometimes feels like a circus?

What would you train a monkey to do?

What do you like least about the circus?

What treat would you give a circus elephant?

Are you planning to go to the circus soon?

What would you bring to a circus themed party?

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