What Career Will Your First Child Have?

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Every parent wants the best for their kids. You have a vision of what your child will be like, what their life might be like, and you do your best to nurture that dream. Of course, as the child grows, things are going to change. One kid might have a real affinity for artwork, another may be an exceptional athlete. One might be a whiz when it comes to math, and another might be amazing in the kitchen. No one can know the future for sure, but you can make some guesses based on the available information about where things might go and how they might turn out. 

Knowing what you know about yourself and your own family, as well as how you plan to raise your kids and what you might do to encourage them, do you think it's possible that we could hazard a guess as to what that child might end up doing for a living down the road? Well, you'll never know if it's possible unless you give it a try. So answer a few questions and let's see if we can't use our powers of prognostication to figure out what the future has in store for your child's career. Take the quiz and see!

Are you a fan of any extreme sports like skydiving or surfing?

When you were in school, did you ever skip class to hang out with friends?

How many hours of TV per day do you think is healthy for a kid?

What's the best cereal to buy for your child?

Is there any subject from school you were so interested in that you learned more about it in your spare time?

Is what you do for a living now what you wanted to do when you were a kid?

How many children do you plan on having in total?

Do you think playing music for an unborn child is helpful?

If your toddler is being fussy, are you going to give them a tablet so they can watch videos?

How old is your kid going to be when they first try McDonald's?

What would your dream job be?

What kind of family vacation would you want to go on with your children?

Are you going to encourage your child to be involved in sports?

What do you think is the best way to discipline a child?

Suppose your child comes home one day and says they want to pursue a totally different career path. How would you respond?

Is your kid going away to summer camp?

What are you and your kid doing on a Saturday morning?

How long should a kid stay at home before they move out?

Any particular toy you want to buy for your child?

How would you react if your child threw a tantrum in public?

Public school or private school?

Are you planning on having big family holidays every year?

Do you plan on exposing your child to exotic foods?

Any chance you'll be teaching your child a second language?

Do you want your child growing up in the city or in the country?

What would you tell your child if you found out they were being bullied at school?

Do you believe that a person can really do anything if they put their mind to it?

What movie can you not wait to show your kid?

Would you go into your kid's school on career day to talk about what you do for a living?

Do you feel like there are any activities you can do with your child to encourage them?

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