What Budget Vacation Should You Take this Year?

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Vacations aren't only for the rich: if you can find the time to get away, the possibilities for an awesome budget vacation are endless. What sort of get-away should you go on next? Play on to find out!

Do you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors?

Ideally, how much cash would you spend on lodging and accommodations?

Do you have any house sitting or pet care experience?

Do you live near a big city?

How do you feel about museums?

Would you be open to traveling by plane?

How do you feel about public transportation?

Are you willing to travel cross country?

How many people would be traveling with you?

Are you comfortable with couch surfing?

When's the last time you pitched a tent?

What aspect of your vacation is the most important?

Are there friends willing to help out with making your budget vacation as awesome as possible?

Have you explored your area's local sights and attractions?

Are you responsible?

Do you appreciate nature's beauty?

Have you ever visited a national park?

How much time are you willing to spend in the car?

Why are you interested in taking a vacation?

What would your ideal sleeping arrangements be?

How much do you know about the area in which you currently reside?

What sort of bathroom arrangements are you hoping for?

Have you ever booked a stay with Airb&b?

How many days would you want your budget vacation to last?

Which activity sounds the most appealing?

Have you ever considered staying in a hostel?

Would you be willing to provide small amounts of easy labor in exchange for free accommodations?

Is there a certain time of the year in which you'd want to travel/take your vacation?

Do you own any camping gear?

What is one word that you'd use to describe yourself?

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