What Aftermarket Add On Does Your Ride Need?

Zoe Samuel

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The art of customizing cars began early in their history, but it was the veterans of World War II who returned home in large numbers armed with the technical skills needed to modify cars that really got the community going. By the 1960s, major automakers caught on, with Ford offering the first car with factory installed optional extras — the Ford Mustang. In fact, finding a bone stock, base model first generation Mustang is almost impossible. Even those factory specials found their way into the hands of mechanics who made modifications to these cars, further personalizing them.

The practice of modifying cars as a culture and community may have started with American muscle cars, but it has spread nearly everywhere. Boy racers the world over spend hours under the hoods of their Honda Civics, souping up engines and lowering suspensions. High-end mechanics like Brabus and Alpina modify high-end executive sedans so they can outrun Ferraris on the Autobahn. No matter what kind of car you have, there are aftermarket parts that, even if they don't make it go faster, corner better, or stop faster, will make your car more "you." Picking the right parts can be tough! Take this quiz, and we'll tell you which aftermarket parts you should install on your ride!

How much time do you spend picking out your outfits before going out?

If you could send your car to any tuning shop, where would you send it for performance tuning?

What style of car do you drive?

How many times have you been cited for a parking violation?

If you could look like a bodybuilder without going to the gym, but not be strong, would you go for it?

When you drive fast, how long do you spend driving fast?

What do you think of clothing that looks like something someone in the military might wear, but does not?

Do you think you know more about upgrading your car than the engineers who spend all their time building it?

How do you feel when strangers look at you?

To what market segment does your car belong?

What sort of driving do you usually find yourself doing, in your car?

Other than your car, what other vehicles do you drive?

Which is cooler: cars from obscure automakers, or cars from well-known automakers with reputations, like BMW or Dodge?

What kind of car-related event would you attend with your car?

Who do you look to impress with your car?

Who do you usually have in your car when you go for a drive?

What modification does your ride already have?

What do you listen to when you drive?

If money was no object, which sports car would you want to drive?

In which type of motorsport do you secretly fantasize about taking part?

How many times have you been ticketed for speeding?

Which of these items do you have in your car as a kind of personalization?

How would you repaint your car?

When you got your car, how did you compromise?

In which country would you like to live, just for their driving culture?

If you got an upgrade, what's the first thing you would do with your car?

If you lost your license, how would you get to work?

What object is the centerpiece of your house's decor?

What renovations have you done, or do you plan for your house?

If you could make your car do one of the following things, what would that be?

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