What Advanced Degree Should You Get?

Brian Whitney

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Hey look, everyone already knows you are brilliant and going to be a big success. The question is when and how you are going to do it? What advanced degree should you get?

What classes did you like best in college?

What were you most likely to do as a kid?

What is easiest for you to deal with?

Are you competive?

Do you like to do research?

Which job would you like?

Are you good at science?

Do you like to be the center of attention?

How comfortable would you be leading a board meeting?

Would you represent someone in court even if you knew they had done something wrong?

Why are people poor?

Do you worry about the future of the Earth?

How important is money to you?

How many hours are you willing to work a week?

Would you take less pay for a lot of time off?

How do you get your daily exercise?

Would you place work over a relationship?

What do you argue about most?

What large event would you most likely be attending?

How willing are you to go into debt for your education?

Why would you most likely be in Africa?

Which career based movie is your favorite?

What is the best quality to have?

Would you make a good boss?

What would be most interesting to study?

What interests you the most?

What do you do if something needs to be fixed around the house?

What sounds the least scary?

Who role in filmmaking would you want to be in the movie?

How do you handle it if your partner is mad at you?

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