What '90s TV Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

Brian Whitney

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There were a lot of great shows in the '90s, and there were a lot of great television couples on them. You know you and your significant other could have been stars. Which couple are you most like?

How often do you two work out together?

Do you believe in aliens?

How are the two of you in hand-to-hand combat?

What would you be doing on a typical Friday night?

How is your hair?

Pick a TV show.

How do you two look in bathing suits?

What do you argue about most?

How much do you both flirt with others?

You going to The Peach Pit later?

Would you be a good government employee?

How often do you two go out on date nights?

About how often do you two get busy?

What kind of books do you read?

Are you two big into conspiracy theories?

How often do you spend time with each other's family?

Do you have kids?

How cool is Bruce Campbell?

Are tall women hot?

How often do you two hang out with friends together?

Do your friends think you are a good match?

Is one of you a bad boy?

Is one of you a good girl?

How much of your relationship is based on physical attraction?

How much of it is based on your mental connection?

Your significant other is being kidnapped, what do you do?

Who cooks the most?

Who does the most interrupting?

Where do you shop?

Ever thinking about breaking up? Be honest.

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