What '80s Movie Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

Brian Whitney

Image: Collage; Samantha and Jake, Baby and Johnny, Lloyd and Diane

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There were a lot of great movies in the '80s, and much of that was because of some of the great couples that were in them. Which '80s movie couple are you and your significant other?

Is one of you from the wrong side of the tracks?

What do you think of birthdays?

What would you watch if it was on TV?

Which old school wrestler would you pick?

Which song would you pick?

If you get dumped, standing outside your ex's window with a boombox cranking music is...

If you broke up, what would you do to get your significant other back?

What is your style?

What has been your biggest problem as a couple?

Are you both rule followers?

Where would you go for fun?

What movie would you two go see?

Which is your favorite 80's actor?

Why do you two get along so well?

When did you meet?

How important is money?

Where would you do on a date?

What do you think of John Cusack?

What might one of you say to the other?

Do your parents like both of you?

How many kids do you have, or do you want to have?

Where would you like to live?

Your friends say the best thing about you two is...

Our friends say the one thing that confuses them about us is that...

What business would you two start together?

What should a guy do, if another guy is flirting with his girlfriend?

The '80s were...

How would you like to get around?

What kind of shoes do you like?

What was your clique in high school?

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