What % Witch Are You?

By: Isadora Teich
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The witch aesthetic is in, but there is a big difference between just wearing a big black hat and being in tune with the energies of the earth and those around you. After all, anyone can buy a big ring that looks like something a wizard would proudly wear, but far fewer people can actually bend reality to their will using meditation and all manner of spell work. However, there is a lot more to being a witch. Whether you grew up reading tarot cards and playing with ouija boards or not, there are many ways to be a witch. Some people are natural healers, other people fill their house with cats and plants, and other people seem to just always know things there's no way they could know. 

Whether you walk with ghosts or not, there are many subtler forms of magical practice. Have you ever drank chamomile tea to sleep or put tea tree products on blemishes to clear them up? The use of plants and herbs for healing and other purposes has a long history that spans the globe. Almost every culture has its traditional potions and elixirs.  

So, answer our questions and we will tell you just how witchy your soul is! 

Where would you say your real magical strength lies?

How candle-obsessed are you?

Do you keep different teas in your house to address different problems?

How much do you know about your astrological chart?

If you have ever used a Ouija board, what have your experiences with it been like?

Have you ever dreamed something that later happened?

How is your green thumb?

How much do you know about palmistry?

Have you ever seen a ghost in real life?

Are you into crystals?

About what percentage of your wardrobe would you say is black clothing?

Have you ever done spell work with others?

They say that at one point during the year the veil between life and death is at its thinnest. Do you know when this is?

What do you think of how magic is depicted in "Harry Potter"?

How often do you meditate?

Are you a fan of fantasy novels and media?

Are your first impressions of people usually correct?

Do people in your life often come to you for advice?

Can you see other people's auras?

What is your ideal pet?

When it comes to jewelry, what is your philosophy?

Have you ever attended a bonfire?

Which word best describes your tarot skills?

How would you define your dream witch aesthetic?

Which kitschy witch item would you be most likely to go for?

How into perfumes are you?

What is your favorite moon phase?

The old magic of which ancient people interests you most?

Have you ever done a love spell?

When you want to do something or need something, do circumstances usually seem to pave the way for you getting what you want?

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