What % Superior Are You?

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It's not good to be a doormat in this world. After all, if you don't take credit for your ideas, it's very hard to advance in your chosen field. If you constantly put yourself down — whether out loud, because you think it makes people like you, or in your head because the bullying demon on your shoulder is just a lot louder than the encouraging angel — that negative thinking can become a habit that is very hard to break. Eventually, if you keep telling the world you're not worth anything, people might believe you, and take advantage accordingly.

On the other end of the scale, however, some people are quite convinced that they are the proverbial bees' knees. They often don't have much of a resume to back this up, or they're relying on things that don't really matter, like living in a fancy house or being conventionally good-looking. Sometimes they're financially successful but come from a background where this wasn't actually the hardest thing in the world to achieve. These are the people who the rest of us call superior, and we don't mean literally.

It's great to be proud of things you've worked for, but there's never a good reason to look down on others, be ungracious or to lack humility. If you're in danger of heading down that slippery slope, it's important to know so that you can get a few people in your life — and hopefully, a little voice of warning in your head — to point you back in a healthier direction. As with so much in life, the key is finding the right balance! Let's see if we can help you identify where you are on the scale, so you know which way balance is for you!

Do you find it hard to stay friends with people from very different economic backgrounds?

If you come up with a witty comment that's a little mean, can you resist saying it?

How important is it to be liked?

What animal would you be, if you were one?

To which TV character do you often find yourself compared by others?

Do you watch a lot of reality TV?

If you see a fashion disaster in the street, what do you do?

If you see someone very beautiful, what's your first thought?

Did you ever raise your hand in school when you didn't have the answer?

What sport do you play?

What's your favorite way to hang out with friends?

Is it very important to you to speak a certain way?

What's the decor scheme in your house?

Would you ever pop to the corner deli in your PJs on a Sunday morning when there's no milk?

What do your kids — current, future, or hypothetical — wear to kindergarten?

What book do you recommend to people most often?

What is your most important criterion for marriage?

Where do you vacation?

Would you go to a state school to guarantee debt-free graduation?

Which is worse — everyone thinking you're broke when you're not, or being broke but everyone thinking you're rich?

Which celebrity's lifestyle do you really admire?

What do you consider a sign of a "bad" neighborhood?

What career would you really hope your child goes into?

Can you take a compliment?

Have you ever had dance lessons?

How's your self esteem these days?

As an adult, have you ever been in a medical situation, either temporary or permanent, where you were totally dependent on others?

What's the best way to give back to the community?

Would you like to be a member of a country club?

What is the most humiliating financial event you can imagine?

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