What % Occult Are You?

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The occult is an umbrella term for mystical, magical and/or mythical things. It can be hard to define exactly what it includes, even though you'll generally know it when you see it. For example, hexing someone would certainly involve the occult, as would the use of a Ouija board or wearing a protective amulet. However, it would be considered rather insulting to refer to a religion as occult, even if many of its practices and symbols are drawn from pagan origins. Similarly, many hunters of the paranormal might take exception to being lumped in with tarot readers.

Certain occult traditions are steeped in tradition, ritual and secrecy. These traditions tend to share certain characteristics, even when they are very different in specifics, such as which gods may or may not be worshiped. These traditions include a belief in another world, such as an umbra or a parallel universe, where spirits or other creatures live in a world that is similar yet different than ours. Power, often derived from some interaction with that world or its occupants, can be applied to our world through ritual practices, to affect health, wealth, happiness and fate.

Just how occult are you? Take this quiz, and we will peg you to a specific percentage.

Do you ever dream of meeting deities or spirits?

Have you become more or less spiritual as you age?

What do you think of when you hear the word magic?

What habit do you have to cope with stress?

What kind of magic would you like to learn?

What time of day calls to you?

Which of these would you interpret as a sign of good things to come?

Do you feel as though your dreams speak to you?

Do you have any little ritual you do before performing a passion of yours?

How do you feel when you visit an ancient site, like Stonehenge?

Which element do you connect with?

Let your spirit guide you to your future:

Which creature would you rather have as a familiar?

Which method would you use to forsee the future?

How often would you say you experience Déjà vu?

Which item would you use in summoning a spirit?

On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is science and 10 is magic, where do your beliefs lie?

How would you react if someone asked you to participate in a ritual sacrifice?

What meaning do you draw from an unexpected celestial event, like a meteor shower?

How do you view God?

Have you ever seen a supernatural being in the waking world?

Have you ever tried your hand at fortune telling?

Do you believe in good and evil?

What are you likely to say when you experience something shocking or overwhelming?

How would you describe yourself in one word?

When you turn to see what is behind you, how do you usually turn?

How does a rainy day make you feel?

Do you ever dream of other realms, like the spirit world or the land of the dead?

Would you ever make a pack with a demon?

Is the big bang theory rooted in science?

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