What % Naughty Is Your Dog?

By: Zoe Samuel
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All dogs go to heaven, as we know, but they don't all tread the same pathway to get there. All dogs are born with the potential to be good, but some are a little more inclined to be good than others, and some are more slaves to their primitive instincts. After all, they are the descendants of wolves, and that means they have a streak in them that is always ready to run free.

However, just because a dog is born with the inclination to be a little cheeky doesn't mean they will turn out that way. Love, training and a good home can help develop a sassy puppy into a very good dog. Some dogs, however, commit the occasional canine crime because their owners aren't quite setting them straight. These are owners who love their dogs and want to do right by them, but they don't have all the resources or knowledge they need. Perhaps they're short on time, stressed out, or feel cruel when they say no, which confuses the dog about what's allowed and what is not. Happily, these owners can usually fix their situation with some doggie training classes (that are often really owner training), meaning their natural loving kindness and their dog's goodness will do the rest.

Still, some dogs are pretty naughty, and as long as it doesn't go beyond a little light chewing or briefly going AWOL during walkies, that's perfectly harmless. After all, nobody wants a robot dog that never has its own ideas! Still, it's useful to know just how naughty your dog is, so you know if a little training might make their life—and yours—happier. Let's find out!

How often does your dog get out without you knowing?

Has your dog ever brought you a dead animal?

Does your dog sit if you say "sit"?

How many words does your dog know?

Does your dog jump up?

Does your dog stay off the furniture unless you say otherwise?

You drop a piece of bacon. What happens?

What happened the last time you had to apologize for something your dog did?

Has your dog ever cost you more than $500 in repairs to something?

Does your dog know which are their toys and which are not?

Does your dog heel without a leash?

Has your dog ever started a fight with another dog?

Has your dog ever bitten anyone (who wasn't attacking you at the time)?

When a person comes to the house, does your dog bark?

How long did it take to housetrain your dog?

Does your dog know not to disturb you when you're busy?

Is there anything your dog can make you do, 100% of the times it tries?

Did you put a lot of time into training your dog?

How good was your dog-raising knowledge before you got a dog?

Do you plan to breed from your dog?

Has your dog ever carried on doing something naughty even after being caught red-handed?

Does your dog have a doggie friend in the area that you didn't pick out for them?

How many of your neighbors recognize your dog but do not know its name?

Does your dog retrieve?

Does your dog have to be given a command more than once?

You're having (human) dinner. What is your dog doing?

How neurotic is your dog?

Do you consider yourself a pretty relaxed person?

If your dog is scared of something like thunder, what does it do first?

What hilarious thing does your dog do that's sort of naughty, but you don't mind?

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