What % Grumpy Cat Are You?

Talin Vartanian

Image: Real Grumpy Cat via YouTube

About This Quiz

You might be familiar with the adorable internet sensation known as the "Grumpy Cat" (whose real name is actually Tardar Sauce). This type of cat always appears to be angry and annoyed with the world. Don't worry, because she was just born with a grumpy face. In other words, even though Tardar Sauce didn't feel grumpy, her face always conveyed these types of negative emotions. 

The "Grumpy Cat" was made into many types of humorous memes. (And if you've never heard of a meme, it's basically a picture that includes a caption, quote or an expression that expresses a certain sense of humor.) Every "Grumpy Cat" meme out there always shows Tardar Sauce with its grumpy face, as well as captions like "Yuck, I stepped in happiness" or "I like the sound you make when you shut up." This cat even has its own Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page, as well as millions of followers. If that's not enough, Tardar Sauce made several TV appearances on "Good Morning America," "Today," "The Soup" and "American Idol." Sadly, Tardar Sauce passed away after seven years of making grumpy people smile. So if you think that you and the famous "Grumpy Cat" would've been best friends, then take our grumpy quiz now!

If you accidentally hurt someone else's feelings, would you feel upset or a little bit happy by this?

Do your friends and family members always annoy you with the phrase: "You need to smile more!"?

Rise and shine! It's early in the morning, but how are you feeling right now?

We're giving you a new doormat to place in front of your home! Which of these messages will you choose?

Would you ever want to own a grumpy cat as your new friendly companion?

If someone gave you a birthday present that you really didn't want, what would you say to them?

Does coffee make you feel more happy and alive, or does your mood remain the same after drinking it?

Are you the type of person who feels happier when they are surrounded by loved ones or when they are alone?

Which of the following grumpy cat meme quotes do you resonate with the most?

You're at Disneyland and Mickey Mouse wants to take a picture with you! Are you going to say 'yes' to him?

Let's say that you're a cat and another cat wants to play with you. Are you in the mood to make a new friend?

Do you always find yourself quietly judging other people?

In the Star Wars universe, are you more likely to join up with the Empire or the Rebel Alliance?

Aww! Someone just gave you a nice compliment! Are you starting to feel better about yourself?

Are you currently friends with other grumpy people, or are your friends more happy and cheerful?

Today just happens to be your birthday and we'd like to sing happy birthday to you! How do you feel about this?

When it comes to playing pranks on other people, how often do you come up with these types of funny schemes?

Don't deny it, we know that you're secretly an evil and mischievous type of person, right?

Would you describe your native language as sarcastic, or do you speak in a polite manner?

You notice that other people are laughing and having fun. Do you secretly feel jealous about this?

If you've been a cat all this time, how many more lives do you think you have left?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney's first movie, but which of the seven dwarfs matches your personality the most?

Do you secretly wish that you had more friends or are you content with the current size of your social circle?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you show affection to other people?

Let's say that you're a cat and your owner wants to dress you up as a bunny. Are you going to happily oblige?

Are you the type of person who tends to complain frequently about their life?

Which of these types of weather secretly fills your heart with joy?

If the line was too long at a retail store, would you have the patience to wait in such a line?

Imagine that you're on a roller coaster at an amusement park. Which of these emoji faces has your face turned into?

When it comes to a relationship with a significant other, would you most likely be the heartbreaker or the heartbroken?

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