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"Genius" is an appellation with a strange history. The term owes its origins to antiquity, but we now use it as a clinical term. Since the late 1800s, medical doctors, psychiatrists and other scientists have attempted to create scales for rating one's intelligence in an attempt to bottle and label something so amorphous we had to use a quasi-poetic term from antiquity to describe it.

Intelligence, measured arbitrarily according to the priorities of the person doing the measuring, is used to hire people for jobs, to rate students in ways that determine the trajectory of their lives, and as a social marker, either to claim membership in a social group or to claim separation from a social group. 

Genius is so subjective that the definition used a century ago would be deemed horrifically narrow-minded and medieval by people today. Intelligence, or lack thereof, was used as a justification for some of the most terrible acts in human history and is one of the strongest determinants in who one will marry. Studies show that people tend to wed other people of similar educational background and intelligence.

All this said, you may be wondering how intelligent you are. This is now easy to determine. Take this quiz, and we will tell you what percentage genius you are!

What's the best thing to do when toasting frozen bread?

How would you fill the blank in "Is this ______ bottle of wine"?

What should you use to lubricate your bicycle's chain, if no bike lube is available?

If your car got stuck under the partially closed door of a garage, how could you remove it without causing further damage?

How many calories are there in the average slice of bread?

How would you blind a motion sensor with a sheet?

What part of your body should you cover if you are attacked with a knife?

What will fix your computer 99% of the time?

Which of these musical artists do we owe the most?

What is the most useful kind of camera?

Which of these things other people do irritates you the most?

Which of these is the safest travel medium?

What must you remember when carving with a knife?

How many medium sized apples fit in a bushel basket?

What is the biggest serious danger when aboard a sailboat?

What's the easiest way to tell if you're in a bad neighborhood?

How would you be able to tell which hand someone uses the most?

Which word belongs in the sentence "I can't tell ________ glove this is"?

How many notes are there on a musical scale?

Which was the best Star Wars movie and why?

How many pips (symbols of the suits as in spades, hearts, clubs, or diamonds) are there on a standard American deck of Bicycle Playing Cards?

What do all properly structured stories have in common?

What is the most important thing to do when you board public transportation?

When walking down the street, you get a notification on your phone. What do you do?

Which of these card games gives the player the best odds?

What number is opposite the 3 on a 6 sided die?

What belongs in the blank in "Since the vaccine, we're seeing ________ cases of the disease"?

What is the difference between a pop song and most songs in musical theater?

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

What are you avoiding right now?

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