What % Doctor Are You?

By: Talin Vartanian
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About This Quiz

The job of a doctor is more than just diagnosing or treating patients. Even though sharp intelligence and creative problem-solving skills play a role, this profession is really about the interaction between various patients and medical staff. So if you want to become a doctor in the near future, you'll need to be a naturally caring and empathetic person. After all, medical issues are quite scary and sensitive to patients, and a great doctor will always do their best to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. This is also known as having interpersonal skills, which includes working well in a team, being a leader during difficult times, and having a great deal of patience. So if some of these aspects resonate with you, then you'll probably become a great doctor one day!

But becoming a doctor is no easy task. Many years of schooling may be required, as well as earning a bachelor's degree and a medical degree. Completing a residency program is also needed, which allows pre-licensed doctors to work with many different patients. And finally, a doctor must pass a series of difficult exams to become licensed. So if this kind of stuff sounds both challenging and fascinating to you, then it's time to take our medical quiz now!

What branch of science is your personal favorite?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you fear needles?

Which of these medical TV shows can we find you watching on a Saturday night?

Is it in your nature to care for other people, including strangers?

Do you look forward to going to the doctor for a checkup?

Are you willing to complete at least 11 years of schooling in order to become a doctor?

What would be the best part about becoming a doctor for you?

Are you aware of what the largest internal organ is in the human body?

Would you be OK with working long hours as a doctor?

There are many types of doctors in this world, but which type do you want to be?

How do you normally handle difficult decisions and stress in your life?

Would you describe yourself as being a people person, or are you more shy and introverted?

Do you try to eat right and exercise for the health of your body and mind?

Should we use the word "organized" to describe your personality?

Are you someone who is naturally good at solving problems?

Is it more efficient to work with a team of people or by yourself?

Can you guess what "DNA" stands for?

If a water-soluble substance has a pH level of 3, then that means it's ...

What is the missing fruit? "An _________ a day keeps the doctor away."

Which of the following blood pressure readings is considered to be high?

Do you know what an otolaryngologist specializes in?

The sun in our sky gives human beings which of these vitamins?

Mono, otherwise known as infectious mononucleosis, is caused by which of these viruses?

Which of these blood types is considered to be a universal donor?

Ticks can be found in various parts of the outdoors, but what disease do they carry?

What is something that you would not like about being a doctor?

Would you say that your brain works in a more logical or creative manner?

Who has more bones in the human body, adults or babies?

How would you fill in the blank? The human body is comprised of approximately ________ water.

The medical prefix "hemat/o," has to do with what?

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