What % Blonde Are You?

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Just to reassure you, hair color is based on how much melanin is in the hair, not the intelligence of the person. So that's good news! The bad news is, no one seems to care. Even the smartest blonde-haired folks are subjected to the jokes, the looks and the stereotypes. Sometimes it's fun to play into that. It's an easy laugh. But other times it just brings you down. You would have thought that people would have moved on or gotten more clever by this point. But fear not! Because one thing everyone knows is that blondes have more fun. 

Given that blonde hair can range from almost white to a strawberry hue to almost brown, and also given that blonde hair darkens with age, blondes make up only two percent of the population! Natural blondes, that is. But bottle blondes aren't immune to all the jokes, either. That just goes to show how the stereotype really doesn't make sense. But it can really be done all in good fun! 

If you're a blonde, natural or not, embrace it. Cherish the fact that deep down, people probably wish they had blonde hair. But just how blonde are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Be honest, are you a natural blonde?

Do you consider yourself attractive?

How often do people comment on your hair color?

Are there times when people assume you're not intelligent?

Do you know the difference between "blonde" and "blond"?

What's your favorite slang word?

Is there a famous blonde that you really look up to?

If you were to dye your hair blonde, which shade would it be?

Have you ever been called basic?

Would your best friend be your dog?

How do you react when something doesn't go your way?

Are you good at compromise?

What would you say to your haters?

If you had $1,000, what would you spend it on?

Did you get good grades in school?

When you're at a party, where can people find you?

Do you experience what people call a "blonde moment"?

Does flirting come easy to you?

What does an average outfit for you look like?

Have you ever been called a ditz?

Which season really lets you spread your wings and fly?

Are you easily confused by simple things?

Where do you think the "dumb blonde" stereotype got its start?

Do you easily forget things that aren't that hard to remember?

Is "Legally Blonde," like, the best movie ever?

If you stare at a word for too long, does it start to look like it's not a word?

How often do you look for your phone when it's right there in your hand?

Do you daydream more than you dream at night?

Is having fun your main goal in life?

Which season is iced coffee season?

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