What % Blair and Serena Are You?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

"Gossip Girl" is off the air, but it's still alive in our hearts (and on Netflix). A classic tale of high school social climbing, romance and debauchery, it featured hilarious dialogue, amazing fashion and of course, vivid characters. We empathized with hunky outsider Dan Humphrey, were shocked by innocent Jenny's creative schemes and loved to hate Chuck Bass. But no characters were as important (or memorable) as those at the center of "Gossip Girl": Serena and Blair. 

A breezy boho blonde with old money roots, Serena enchanted virtually every man who crossed her path. Blair, on the other hand, was the hardworking daughter of a single mother who had built a fashion empire from scratch. Thanks to her fantastic taste and stunning brunette looks, Blair was the queen of her social world, but her popularity was only maintained through careful political maneuvering.

In this quiz, we're going to test you on how much (or how little) you resemble Blair and Serena, through questions about your favorite designers, date destinations and decor. By the end of the quiz, our supercomputer will be able to tell you exactly how much like Blair and Serena you are, down to the last percentage point. Are you ready for a trip to the Upper East Side? Let's play!

Let's start with the most important thing: how do you do your hair?

Which "Gossip Girl" guy would you most like to date?

You've got an essay due on Monday, but you're invited to amazing parties all weekend. What do you do?

Which accessory do you always put on before you leave the house?

How much chill do you have?

Do you know how to "be places"?

How long does it take you to respond to texts?

What would you do if you got in a car crash with a married person while being chased by wolves?

How would you dress for a first date with a billionaire?

Are you attracted to people from the "wrong" side of the tracks?

Do your friends ever have to rescue you from parties?

In your relationship with your best friend, are you the bad influence, or are they?

Do you fall in love easily?

Have you ever dated someone who was British and/or a lord?

Do you get along with your mom?

What's your biggest flaw?

How many scarves is too many scarves?

Would you ever date your step-brother or step-sister? What if they were very cute?

Do you envy your best friend for their looks or their intelligence?

Which of these vacations sounds like the most fun?

Where in New York City would you like to eat lunch?

Do you ever wish you'd gone to private school?

Would you rather marry a prince or be a famous "It Girl"?

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or JOMO (Joy of Missing Out): Which one do you suffer from more?

When you're angry, do you go to the park to feed the ducks or dance on top of tables in Argentina?

Which of these cartoon characters do you resemble?

Imagine you're in the mood for Thanksgiving drama. Which of these songs would you like to be playing?

Do you care about where people went to college?

Have you ever been stalked?

Which quote resonates with you the most?

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