What % BFF Material Are You?

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Many people in this world have at least one best friend, but what exactly makes someone "BFF material"? For starters, a relationship between two best friends is about sharing similar core values, which include honesty, loyalty and positivity. If you're the type of person who is always there for your best friend, then you're likely to rank high on our "BFF material" chart. Best friends consistently encourage each other as well, and they usually have similar interests and hobbies.

No matter how long you've known your best friend, you two have likely been in some fights or arguments. This is completely normal, as conflicts are a great way to help each other learn and grow. Friendships are also about making time for each other, especially when two people have very busy schedules. 

So how can you make more best friends in this world? Well, close friendships are about establishing trust and loyalty, and this may take several years for some people. But there's no exact timeline for this, as other people become BFFs after a few days or weeks. 

Tell us more about how you act around your best friend so we can determine what percentage BFF material you really are!

How many best friends do you currently have?

Let's say that your best friend wants to hang out with you tonight, but you're feeling really tired. What do you do now?

You just found out that your best friend stole some money from you! What's your next move?

Between you and your best friend, who tends to listen more?

What makes you a great friend to other people?

Would you ever want to become friends with someone who was more attractive than you?

Do you know what your best friend's favorite food is?

How many days per week do you get to see your best friend?

Which of these songs accurately describes your friendship with your BFF?

Are you more adventurous or easygoing with your BFF?

Which of these activities would you like to do with your BFF?

How often does your current best friend annoy you?

What kind of gift are you going to get your BFF for their birthday?

Pick one of these fun board games to play with your BFF!

Would you ever let your BFF borrow your favorite jacket?

Oh no! Your BFF accidentally forgot your birthday! How are you going to react?

Choose a fun vacation spot to travel to with your BFF!

Are you super supportive of your best friend, no matter what they do?

How many fights or arguments have you had with your BFF?

Would you consider your BFF's family to be your own family?

You and your BFF are having a sleepover tonight! What's something you're looking forward to?

Are you currently keeping any secrets from your BFF?

Have you ever referred to your BFF as your brother or sister?

How long have you been friends with your current BFF?

Be honest here: can you read the mind of your BFF?

Oh no! Your best friend just got their heart broken! What are you going to do to cheer them up?

Which of these meals would you want to cook for your BFF?

Do you and your BFF have the same celebrity crush?

How would you describe your BFF in one word?

Which of these moments have you shared with your BFF the most?

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