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Anyone who's even a casual fan of either discipline knows about the massive overlap between hip-hop and sports. Who doesn't remember Odell Beckham, Jr.'s 2018 interview with Josina Anderson, featuring Lil Wayne sitting awkwardly by his side? 

Of course, the biggest crossover act - literally and figuratively speaking - has to be Shaquille O'Neal, the dominant center who also dominated on the microphone. His 1993 rap debut, "Shaq Diesel," achieved RIAA Platinum status, selling over 860,000 copies. Speaking of debut albums - on his 2010 classic "Thank Me Later," Drake explicitly sums up the link between athletes and rappers: "I swear sports and music are so synonymous / Cause we want to be them / And they want to be us."

Over the years, the mutual affection has led to concepts and terminology from sports showing up in hip-hop music. No one phrase, however, has been as ubiquitous as the word "ballin'." In sports parlance, it means to play an exceptionally good game, typically in basketball or football. In the rap world – and now mainstream culture – to "ball" means to not only have extraordinary wealth and status but also to flaunt it for the world to see. 

To put it simply, everyone wants to be a baller, whether they're trying to shoot a basket or rap into a microphone. And everyone also has baller-like tendencies – some of us just have to look a little deeper for them than others. Are you a big-time baller, or not really ballin' at all? Hit the quiz below, and we'll give you the verdict.

You're in a close basketball game, and you get the ball in the final seconds with a chance to win - what do you do?

On a normal day, what kind of clothes are you rocking?

You're getting the urge to eat but not really in a mood to cook - where are you headed for dinner?

What's the most important trait in your significant other?

It's been a long week and you and your girls/boys are headed out on the town to blow off some steam. What's on the agenda?

If you could have any kind of ride you wanted, which of these would be your dream car?

Which kind of meal is your favorite?

Which of these accessories is the perfect complement to your outfit?

Let's say you're playing wide receiver in a football game. What kind of pass do you want to be drawn up to come your way?

Which of these rappers do you identify with most?

You just got out of a relationship, and it ended kind of badly. What's your next move?

How do you handle someone talking trash about you behind your back?

Of the cities below, which would you most want to call home?

You're taking some much-deserved time off from work! Where are you headed on your dream vacation?

Which of the basketball teams below do you root for the most?

Whether it's family game night or a serious situation at work, how do you handle losing?

You're hosting a bunch of friends at your place, what are you up to?

A colleague at work is jealous and doing their best to steal your shine. What's your response?

Which NBA star do you most identify with?

What's your attitude towards romantic commitments?

At an interview for your dream job, the salary you're offered is much lower than what you feel you are worth or what you were expecting. What do you do?

You've got an important game or meeting on the schedule. How do you pump yourself up?

Which color are you most likely to decorate your house with?

Many of the competitors on the gridiron are true ballers - which of these football players is your spirit animal?

What kind of jewelry are you most likely to be rocking?

Everyone has their taste in precious metals - which is your favorite material for some bling?

Which of these sports plays best represents the concept of "ballin" to you?

Which of these songs do you like best?

Physical traits are a great indicator of a baller. How do you wear your hair?

Which of these movies would you (re)watch?

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