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Ariana Grande is one of the most enduring pop stars of her generation. Since her debut album "Yours Truly" in 2013, Grande has racked up a string of chart-smashing singles, millions of streams on digital music services, and headline appearances at places like Coachella and the MTV Video Music Awards.

Despite her success as an artist, Grande is also appreciated for her resilience in the face of tragedies and personal difficulties that have often happened in the public eye. 

Her high-profile romantic partners have included rappers Big Sean and Mac Miller, actor Graham Philips, and SNL cast member Pete Davidson, to whom Grande was engaged for several months in 2018. In May 2017, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England after a Grande concert, killing 22 and sending over 100 people to the hospital. Grande suspended the rest of her tour and spoke about the severe emotional toll the incident took on her, telling Elle Magazine in July 2018 that, "There were a couple of months straight where I felt so upside down." In September 2018, her ex Mac Miller passed away from a drug overdose.

But Grande chooses not to let her failed relationships or personal battles define her. With her trendsetting outfits and signature ponytail, she continues to speak out about important causes like feminism and self-expression—while releasing crowd-pleasing tracks that dominate the charts. 

How much do you have in common with one of the world's toughest yet most vulnerable pop divas? Answer each question and tell us, "Thank u, next" until the end of this quiz to find out!

Ariana is known for her love of a certain sport—which kind of game are you most likely to attend?

Ariana may be just as famous for her personal life as her professional one. How many relationships have you been in?

We all have to know our influences, just as Ariana does. Who is your favorite female singer?

What is your ideal type of romantic partner?

Some believe the stars control a lot of our personalities – what is your horoscope?

An accessory can be the perfect final touch to an outfit. Which of these are you most likely to rock?

Which of these colors is most likely to be a prominent part of your outfit?

We all deal with heartbreak differently—how do you handle the end of a romantic relationship?

Which of these hairstyles are you most likely to be rocking?

How would you handle someone important, like the director of an awards show, publicly lying about you?

Ariana is a complex person, but she has some distinct personal guidelines. Which of these values is most important to you?

Which of these performing arts are you most skilled at?

Our romantic partners say a lot about us—which of these are you most likely to date?

What kind of professional legacy do you want to leave?

Ariana has a unique relationship with her fans through the web. How good are you with social media?

Which famous athlete is most like you, personality-wise?

One thing that defines Ariana's personality: massive fame. How would you feel about being a celebrity?

Which side of the political aisle do you most identify with?

Celebs are sometimes associated with their high-end cars. Which of these vehicles are you most likely to drive?

Ari's powerful voice may be just as distinct as her fashion sense. Which of these designers would you most want to wear?

Which of these movies is your favorite?

How we laugh says a lot about us—what is your sense of humor like?

The stigma around mental health issues is lessening these days. Do you believe in therapy?

If you were experiencing intense emotions, how would you deal with them?

Many celebs, including Ariana, are known for their charity work. How important is philanthropy to you?

How do you show appreciation for the people who support you?

Which of these is your favorite pastry?

Wealthy people like Ariana have a variety of views on the world. What's your perspective on being filthy rich?

We know Ariana is great at what she does. How have you found success at the things you do well?

Everyone has things they don't like to think about. What is your biggest fear?

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