What % Angel Are You?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Roman Makhmutov / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Unfortunately, we are only human and it's very difficult to compare ourselves to beings as perfect as angels. We won't let that stop us, though! As we go through this quiz, we are going to do our best to figure out how much of an angel you are at heart. All you have to do is answer our questions honestly. 

According to biblical texts, even angels had their faults. After all, there would be no Satan without an angel's fall from grace. No matter what you answer, we promise to be as fair and as forgiving as the golden rule teaches us to be. We also understand that humans are prone to making mistakes, so we won't hold any of your mere mortal flaws against you. Even the kindest person on earth can have a bad day! 

Once we see how you handle yourself in some situations that might put your moral compass to the test and tell us about the way your mind works, we will measure you on a realistic and modern scale of angelic thinking. Will you end up being as much of an angel as you think you are, or will you need to head back to Sunday school?

Do you love your neighbor like you love yourself?

Have you ever opened mail that wasn't addressed to you?

When you are grocery shopping, do you sample the grapes?

If you found $10,000 in the middle of the street, what would you do?

Have you ever flipped the bird during rush hour traffic?

If a friend had spinach in their teeth, how would you tell them?

What sort of heart would your best friend say that you have?

Which of these Seven Deadly Sins have you committed in the past 10 years?

How long should you wait to get intimate in a new relationship?

What do you think you have in common with Mother Teresa?

Do you help yourself to the office supply closet?

How often do you pray or meditate?

When is the last time you told a little white lie?

Do you often donate things to charity?

How well do you think you'll do in the Rapture?

Would you say that you curse a lot?

Which biblical angel's name do you like the most?

Do you believe that good always conquers evil?

Which of these things is most important to teach children?

What would be the best part of being someone's guardian angel?

If you were undercharged at a clothing store, would you say something?

Are you always faithful in relationships?

When you are angry, what are you like?

If you had a spicy dream about your boss, would you tell anyone?

Would you describe your life as being wholesome?

If you saw someone shoplifting, would you say something?

Do you forgive, or do you seek revenge?

Are you a devoutly religious person?

Do you find yourself participating in a lot of gossip?

Do you think you have an evil streak?

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