We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on These Relationship Questions!

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At one time, astrology and astronomy were considered the same science. The stars were used by the Babylonians and later introduced to the Greeks around the 4th century. The Greeks initially used the stars to explain the unexplainable chaos of the world. They soon realized the important role of the stars in predicting seasons and weather patterns. As divine revelations, the stars proved a fantastic source of knowledge in predicting natural disasters, the outcome of a war and of course the affairs of humans. Yes, that means your relationships. 

Your relationship behavior and past can often be attributed to the time of the year you were born. Were you born in December? You are Sagittarius and likely playful, fun and a little impulsive. If you are a Pisces born on February 25, you might be able to teach a course on Shakespeare and romance. 

From a passionate, yet independent Aries to the gentle and loving Taurus, your relationships owe a lot to your zodiac sign. Are you easy to get along with and identify well with strangers or are you stand-offish? The stars might have the questions you've been pondering your entire life. 

Now it's time to see how good we are. You answer these fun relationship questions, and we'll guess which zodiac sign you are!

When was your first "real" kiss?

How would you describe your first "real" kiss?

How much do you exaggerate your "number?"

What is something you frequently fight about in a relationship?

How would you describe your relationship arguments?

What is your biggest relationship regret?

Have you ever been naughty with someone other than your partner?

What is one topic that should be left out of a first date conversation?

How do most of your relationships end?

Do you have a first date spot that you always insist on going to?

What are your thoughts about kissing on a first date?

Would you move to another city just to be closer to someone?

What is your longest relationship?

What do you enjoy most about a relationship?

What is one trait you always look for in a partner?

What is a trait you try to avoid in a partner?

Who drives the vehicle in your relationship?

What will you order for dinner tonight?

Do you enjoy dancing on a date?

How long do you have to date before someone can leave a toothbrush at your place?

Do you get along with your partner's friends?

If you have a problem with your partner, how do you address it?

What is one thing you would change about your partner?

What is your ideal stay-at-home occupation?

What would the title of your personal memoir be?

Are you appreciative?

What is something you enjoy watching in the company of your partner?

Is family important to your relationship?

How do you make relationship decisions?

Where do you usually go on a date after you've been in a relationship for a long time?

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