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There are some books that you read as a child that really make a deep impression on you: You read them again and again, perhaps until the cover comes right off and all the pages are dog-eared and crumpled. They have inscriptions in the cover from kindly aunts and thoughtful cousins who bought them for Christmas or a birthday, and stains from snacks you ate while reading them and baths you dropped them into. They are like your childhood friends, that helped transport you to worlds you could never have visited: a school for wizards, a magical land with talking animals and a lion savior, the jungles of Africa, Victorian England or the Gold Rush up in the Klondike. They opened your eyes to perspectives besides your own and made you smarter, kinder, and more empathetic.

Of course, the main reason you love them so much isn't just the worlds or the writing or the ideas: It's the people who help you explore them. Whether it's an audience proxy who doesn't know the rules of the magical land or simply someone highly relatable, you put yourself in the characters' shoes and go on the journey with them. Heroes, sidekicks, even villains become so familiar, you feel like you know them. So ... time to find out if you really do.

Which book features Ron Weasley, Albus Dumbledore and Petunia Dursley?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the first book in the seven-book Harry Potter series. It was an unexpected hit straight out of the gate, after initially being rejected by 24 agents. Single mom J. K. Rowling was so poor while she wrote it that she used to write in a cafe just to stay warm, because she could not afford to heat her home.


Which book features Sally Walden, Jean Walden and Larry Quinn?

Theodor Geisel is the pen name of household name children's book author Doctor Seuss. He brought us such classics as "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and "Green Eggs and Ham".


Which book features John, Susan and Roger Walkers?

Arthur Ransom's classic is about children's summer adventures playing outside, from sailing to camping to piracy.


Which book features Anne Shirley, Matthew Cuthbert and Diana Barry?

This classic follows redheaded orphan Anne Shirley, who is brought to live with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, an older brother and sister who live together and need help on their farm. Anne becomes like a daughter to them as she grows up in their beautiful small town.


Which book features a fox, an owl and a snake?

The Gruffalo is a very popular modern children's book about a mysterious creature who lives in the woods. The hero is a mouse who thinks he has made up the Gruffalo for his protection, but actually it turns out the monster is real.


Which book features Smaug, Thorin Oakenshield and Beorn?

The Hobbit is the first book set on J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, a magical land with orcs, elves and hobbits. Its hero, Bilbo Baggins, happens to find a mysterious ring which is later important in the trilogy Lord of the Rings featuring Bilbo's nephew Frodo.


Which book features Alexander, Anthony and Emily Cooper?

This book has been around for 40 years and became a movie recently. While the eponymous day in the book is definitely very bad and horrible, it brings the family together, and ends with the boy wishing that other disastrous days could occur.


Which book features Tommy, Annika and Pippi?

Pippi Longstocking is a classic about a girl who moves in next door to Tommy and Annika. They are shocked to see that she takes no orders from anyone and lives her own crazy life, always leading to adventures.


Which book features Ms Honey, The Trunchbull and Zinnia Wormwood?

Matilda is by Roald Dahl and tells the story of a girl who is so clever that she finds herself able to move objects with her mind. She uses her powers to get the cruel headmistress of her school, Miss Trunchbull, to leave, resulting in kind Miss Honey getting promoted.


Which book features Bruno Jenkins, Miss Irvine and Mr. Stringer?

The Witches is a Roald Dahl novel about a boy whose grandma tells him how to find witches. It turns out that she isn't making anything up: Witches are real, and they're determined to get rid of children. The boy eventually defeats them, but not before they turn him into a mouse.


Which book features Alice, The March Hare and the Queen of Hearts?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is usually known as merely Alice in Wonderland and is a very famous story of a girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a crazy magical land. It was written as the result of the author's regular use of psychotropic drugs, which caused him to hallucinate a fair amount of the story.


Which book features Willy, Charlie, and Violet?

Charlie and Chocolate Factory has been adapted as a movie twice. It's about a poor boy who wins a contest to visit the chocolate factory and is very excited to go, only to discover that it is a crazy place where borderline magical things happen.


Which book features Piglet, Tigger and Christopher Robin?

This beautiful book was written for A. A. Milne's son, Christopher Robin, whose toys were featured in the book. It has been adapted repeatedly and is one of the most popular children's books of all time.


Which book features Mary Lennox, Archibald Craven and Martha Sowerby?

Mary Lennox has been raised by servants as her rich parents did not want her. She eventually ends up at her uncle's empty stately home and learns to appreciate others. Soon she finds out there's more going on under the great roof than she thought.


Which book features the Skin Horse, the Nursery Magic Fairy and a rabbit who wants to become real?

The Velveteen Rabbit is the story of a beloved children's toy who imagines becoming Real. He eventually achieves his goal with the help of his friends and a fairy who rewards his loving heart.


Which book features Aslan, Susan and Mr. Tumnus?

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is the most famous of the Chronicles of Narnia, a beautiful series about a magical land that you can only reach when you are a child who truly believes in childish things. The Pevensey kids are the first to find it, but more people later get to go there.


Which book features One-Eye, Kiche and Weedon Scott?

White Fang is Jack London's tale of a wolf cub who comes in from the wild to live with humans, but is terribly abused by many of them until he finds better treatment from a loving master.


Which book features Mary-Jane, Leonard the Lion and Earnest the Elephant?

When We Were Very Young is a collection of poems including The Four Friends, Daffodowndilly, and Puppy and I.


Which book features Toad, Badger and Ratty?

The Wind in the Willows is by Kenneth Grahame, who wrote about four animals who love "simply messing about in boats," among other things. It was adapted for the stage by Julian Fellowes, of Downton Abbey fame.


Which book features aunts Boggis, Bunce and Bean?

James and the Giant Peach is the story of a peach that becomes huge due to some magic, taking all the insects nearby with it. It was adapted into a marvelous movie in which an insect falls off the peach and another exclaims, "He's committed pesticide!"


Which book features Gordon, Thomas and the Fat Controller?

Thomas the Tank Engine is also known as Thomas the Train. It tells the story of trains on the Isle of Sodor, where the Fat Controller makes sure everyone gets where they are going on time.


Which book features Cyril, Anthea and the Lamb?

This book by E. Nesbit is about kids who move to the country and meet a grumpy sand-fairy who is able to grant wishes - though they always go horribly wrong.


Which book features Mr Szczepansky, Roberta and Phyllis?

This is the story of several children who are sent out to the countryside to live at Three Chimneys, which is a house near a railway. Their father is in prison, falsely accused of a crime. They are able to exonerate him and reunite.


Which book features Dorothy, Toto and Uncle Henry?

The Wizard of Oz is the first in Frank L. Baum's marvelous story of Kansas farm girl Dorothy, who is transported to the magical land of Oz by a tornado. She fights a wicked witch and helps to liberate the land of Oz.


Which book features a prince, a sheep in a box and a rose that grew on an asteroid?

The Little Prince is written by aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, whose native France fell to the Nazis. It is the story of a boy who is in the desert when he meets a prince who came from a faraway asteroid to visit Earth. It's a children's book, but it has very adult themes.


Which book features Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail?

Beatrix Potter's story of Peter Rabbit is a staple for children everywhere. Peter was named for a real rabbit she had as a child.


Which book features Long John Silver, Billy Bones and Jim Hawkins?

This is the story of Jim Hawkins, a tavern boy who goes to sea in a boat called the Hispaniola. He has adventures with a crew of nefarious pirates seeking buried treasure. This book is the source of many of our stereotypes around pirates.


Which book features Xury, Friday and a crew of wrecked Spaniards?

Robinson Crusoe is by Daniel Defoe, and is considered to be the first true modern novel. It tells the story of a man who goes to sea to make his fortune and dabbles in rather a lot of slave trading, while also meeting a variety of cannibals. Its understanding of different cultures is perhaps not entirely concurrent with modern thinking.


Which book features Hazel, Bigwig and General Woundwort?

Richard Adams' book is about rabbits who have to leave their home when it is destroyed by humans. They flee to the faraway hill known as Watership Down, but their fight for survival is not over.


Which book features Vixen, Adder and Kestrel?

This book tells the story of Farthing Wood's many animals, who flee to the safety of a nature reserve called White Deer Park when their home is destroyed. They are led by a wily fox who will stop at nothing to see them safely home.


Which book features Mowgli, Shere Khan and Bagheera?

This book is by Rudyard Kipling and features the story of a boy named Mowgli, who is raised by wolves in the jungles. Mowgli must face the terrifying tiger Shere Khan, who rules the jungle with an iron fist.


Which book features Mr. Fitzgibbon, Timothy and a cat named Dragon?

This book by Robert C. O'Brien is the story of a widowed mouse, the brave Mrs. Frisby, who seeks out the aid of the Rats of Nimh when her home is under threat from plows, but her son is too sick to flee.


Which book features Edward, Humphrey and Alice Beverley?

This book tells the story of the Beverley children, who have to hide in the home of widower Jacob Armitage after their family home is burned during the English Civil War. They grow up in secret, but eventually seek to take their rightful place in the world.


Which book features Squire Gordon, Merrylegs, and Lord Wexmire?

Anna Sewell's beautiful first-person story tales the sad tale of Beauty, a horse who is forced to work pulling carriages, as a drafthorse and in other difficult and degrading circumstances. She is ultimately saved from death by her old owner, who puts her out to pasture to live out her days. As well as a beautiful story, it was an enormously important book that helped bring about more humane conditions for millions of horses all over Victorian England who were otherwise subjected to absolutely barbaric conditions.


Which book features a champion racehorse?

The Black Stallion is a about a boy named Alec Ramsay who is shipwrecked on an island with a beautiful horse. They end up in Alec's native America whereupon the Black races against Sun Raider and Cyclone, two champion racehorses, and naturally defeats both. It was published in 1941 by Walter Farley.


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