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Only the truest of candy lovers know candy when they see it, even if it's unwrapped! Most people can only recognize a candy bar by the bright label on the outside, but there are some people who know their way around the candy aisle better than others. These candy experts take a love for treats to the next level, expressing their enthusiasm in all aspects of their lives. 

Candy enthusiasts are great friends to have. They take their friends on factory tours of the best candies, and they always give candy with a gift. Treats are always on the brain of a person with a sweet tooth, and they love to share their sugar addiction with others.  The most committed of candy lovers are innovative with their favorite treats too! Peanut butter brownie bars and M&M-filled cupcakes are counted on at any party from everyone's favorite candy store champion. And no visitor to the home of a candy connoisseur would ever leave without dipping their hand in the candy dish once or twice. Candy lovers are the best friends to have because they love sharing candy as much as they love eating it. 

Do you have the sweetest sweet tooth of all your friends? Take this sugar-coated quiz and see if you are an expert in all things sweet and sugary!

An easy one, who am I?

Who doesn't love a Kit Kat? Well, based on the numbers it's very few people in the world. This chocolatey-dipped wafer treat sells over 17.6-billion wafers every year. While worldwide there are several variations of a Kit Kat, no country produces more than Japan who has introduced over 200 flavors including wasabi, lemon vinegar and cucumber. Sizes range from single to four-finger packs, as well as single finger treats about 1/3rd the length of a normal finger.


Any guess at this tasty treat?

They're sour and they're sweet - these lemon-flavored candies make for a fun pop to your taste-senses. While producers of Lemon Heads, Ferrara Candy Co., are known for their hard candy and gum, it was announced in 2017 that the family owned business was considering an offer of chocolate giant Nestle.


What sweet snack is this?

It always hurts when we feel misled, but in the case of Twizzlers, we can probably forgive them. While Twizzlers is known as licorice, it is only the black candies made with anise oil and licorice-root extract which are a true licorice. The company's favorite snack, strawberry is simply a licorice-like candy. However, that little fact isn't going to put a dent in the sales of America's second favorite movie treat - the first, of course, is popcorn.


Any guess at this sweet treat?

What is more nostalgic than using a spoon to pry pre-opened Root Beer Barrels from grandma's candy dish on Sunday afternoons. Root Beer Barrels are known for their historic flavor dating back to the 1700s when farmers would harvest the sassafrass root into what would eventually become one of America's favorite flavored sodas.


How about this sweet snack?

It's always interesting to find out how candy companies name their candies. For PEZ, the name comes by taking three letters from the German word for peppermint: PfeffErminZ. While known for their popular heads - over 550 to date - the originals, known as "regulars" were originally marketed as an alternative to smoking.


What's your best guess for this one?

Toblerone was created in 1908 and is the first chocolate candy with a filling - nougat, almonds, and honey. This trend-setting candy is filled with more than delicious chocolate, it has a bit of hidden meaning in its production. For example, the mountain on the packaging hides the outline of a bear. And, the unique triangle shape you thought represented the Swiss Alps? Nope! The triangle actually represents a cabaret hall in Paris where dancers form a pyramid at the end of the show.


Can you tell us the name of this candy?

So, when talking about screw-ups you might be surprised to hear that Mars and their popular M&Ms made one of the biggest blunders in candy marketing - ever! M&Ms were originally asked to be included in the movie "E.T. the Extra Terrestrial." They declined, and Hershey stepped in with their popular hard-shell peanut butter candy, Reece's Pieces. How well did they fare? Estimates say they sales were well over 300% once the movie was released.


What's the name of this childhood favorite?

Brought to you by, Ferrara Candy Company, the same company who produces, Lemon Heads, the Atomic Fireball was one of the few candies to take advantage of Cold War marketing. The Atomic Fireball came out in 1954 as the Soviet Union and the United States were in the midst of a long-to-last cold war. With a blast of a spicy explosion in your mouth, the Atomic Fireball is around 3500 on the Scoville Scale, ranging around the spiciness of cayenne pepper.


How about these oldies but goodies?

NECCO stands for the "New England Confectionary COmpany." Formed in 1847, NECCO is known as the oldest candy company in America. In 2009, the company switched their manufacturing to all-natural ingredients. Unfortunately, for those who love lime, you're out of luck. The company couldn't find a good all-natural lime color so the flavor was eliminated.


Do you recognize these without their wrappers?

Starburst are as juicy as the fruits they are named after. As far as candy goes, Starburst is one of the youngest popular candies on the market, not coming to the America's until the '70s. While you probably don't need an excuse to eat your Starburst, if you do pull out the Vitamin C card. Each piece of Starburst has 4.4% of your daily Vitamin C nutrition. That's only about 450 calories of Starburst to get 100% of your daily Vitamin C needs - based on a 2000 calorie diet of course.


What do you call these sugary favorites?

It's hard to beat the yummy-factor for a candy made of milk caramel. Sugar Babies came around in 1935 and were soon followed by Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mama. While the company will let you make your own innuendos into the name, the naming of these little candies actually comes from the Artie Malvin song, "Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby."


How about these sugar coated candies ?

Sour Patch Kids were twice-named to capitalize on popular culture. First, in Canada where they originated, the candies were named Martian Men due to the popularity of UFOs in '70s Canada. Well, by 1985, when the candies made their way to the United States it was evident that Cabbage Patch Dolls were all the craze and Jaret International made the smooth move to market the new name as Sour Patch Kids - somehow avoiding a copyright lawsuit. Today these candies are sometimes sour and sometimes sweet in a hilarious ad campaign.


What do you think this one is?

As a kid, it is possible you spent entire days sitting on your front porch debating how in the world Blow Pops got that gum in the center of their lollipop. Blow Pops were the Charms Company's best selling product and eventually sold to Tootsie Roll which added Blow Pops to their Tootsie Pops line. This made Tootsie Roll as the world's leading producer of lollipops - and really delicious chewy chocolates.


Can you name this chocolate snack?

Have you ever wondered about the naming of the 3 Muskateer Bar? It may not be as obvious now as it was when first produced. When the bars first came to market in the '30s, there were actually three small chocolate bars in each pack, and there were three different flavors available - chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. It wasn't until the rationing of sugar during the war-effort of 1942 that the three bars became one and have simply remained that way ever since.


What do you call these candies?

Nik-L-Nip is a combination candy juice drink and wax chewable. While a nostalgic candy it is primarily found in specialty candy stores and sold extensively during the Halloween season. The name is derived from the original cost of a nickel, as well as a popular way to open the candy-soda top by "nipping" it off with your teeth.


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