Take This Yes Or No Quiz And We'll Guess If You're Irish!

By: Tori Highley
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About This Quiz

Ireland is a lovely country, boasting hills of emerald green and the most charming villages you could imagine. Ancient castles sprout from grassy bluffs, and evidence of good people, a.k.a. Fairy folk peppers the land with whimsy and wards. The magic of Ireland is a truly unique phenomenon, and it permeates the entire experience. 

Growing up Irish, whether or not you were located on the Emerald Isle, meant that the magic of Ireland made its way into your DNA. From a deep love of a good pint to the superstitions that keep families alive and well, a true Irish upbringing cannot be faked. Despite this fact, many people abroad love claiming Irish blood, especially on St. Patrick's Day. While any old excuse for a party is a good one, not everyone claiming to be Irish on St. Patty's Day should be doing so. 

Our quiz can tell if you should be the one getting or the one giving kisses at a St. Patty's Day parade! Your Irish upbringing will shine through with our quick and easy yes or no questions. If you ever wondered if you had grown up genuinely Irish, this quiz is an excellent bet to finding out about your Irish blood. 

Do you enjoy singing in public?

Has anyone ever called you stubborn?

Would you climb a tree that is alone the middle of a field?

Do you believe blood runs thicker than water?

Would you ever eat nettle soup?

Did you ever call your father 'Daddy'?

Did you call your mother 'Ma' growing up?

Do you ever cook with Guinness beer?

Would you ever insult your aunts and uncles?

In your opinion, are horseshoes an important part of a wedding?

Would you ever consider getting married on St. Patrick's Day?

Do you believe in true love?

Do you own sunscreen over 70 SPF?

Does anyone in your family play the Penny Whistle?

Does a wooden spoon scare you?

Do you enjoy dancing with your friends?

Do you own more than one pair of rainboots?

Do you prefer renting to owning your house?

Have you ever caught a wild snake?

Have you ever considered dying your hair?

Would you be happy for your coworker if they got a promotion you wanted?

Do you have a family recipe for turnips?

Do you pick up a penny if you see it on the ground?

Have you ever been called superstitious?

Would you call a newborn baby beautiful?

Are you named after someone in your family?

Does cabbage and potatoes sound like a good combination of food?

Do you swear like a sailor?

Have you ever saluted a magpie?

Do you grab an umbrella on an overcast day?

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