We Can Guess Your Birth Order Based on Your '90s Movie Preferences!

By: Tori Highley
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The kids of the '90s remember great animation movies that relied on quality writing to attract audiences, like "Aladdin" and "Toy Story." The young adults remember gritty and raw themes in their movies, from the likes of "Titanic" and "Gattaca."

Even the teenagers remember the deeply unsettling terrors of "The Silence of the Lambs" and "It." These films are masterpiece stories that survive the dawning of modern animation and CGI. The '90s produced truly quality stories that stuck in your mind. 

Even if the movies were on TV past your bedtime, you still listened to your friends describing each scene between classes. Maybe you stayed up late to watch the movie when your dad fell asleep in his easy chair. You definitely watched movies during sleepovers that were normally forbidden in your house. 

The '90s had great movies, and you had to watch them. From "Fight Club" to "Titanic," these movies never feel old, despite most of the premiere dates being over two decades ago. Whether you had to ditch your little brother to go to the movies or convince your older sister to sneak you in the theater, '90s movies were the best.

Feeling '90s nostalgia yet? See if your birth order really affected your taste in movies! Even if we are wrong, our quiz will give you a real blast from the past! 

Which of these '90s horror movies was your favorite scare?

Which Julia Roberts movie gives you all the feelings?

Which '90s comedian would you rather have a movie marathon of?

Which comic book movie from the '90s do you wish you could watch?

Which rule of Fight Club is ingrained in your mind?

When hosting a sleepover, which movie did your parents always have to rent?

Which '90s camp-themed movie do you still love?

Which of these Leo DiCaprio movies was your favorite?

Which of these Pulp Fiction stars do you still love?

Which of these Mary-Kate and Ashley '90s movies is your favorite?

If you had to pick a favorite, which Japanese animation film would you say is yours?

Of these coming-of-age movies, which is most special in your heart?

Which Disney Channel Original Movie did you love?

Of the following, what '90s comedy film is still hilarious?

Which holiday movie from the '90s do you still love?

Which of these romantic comedies had you dreaming your own future wedding?

Which Nickelodeon movie did you wear out on VHS?

Which of these magical movies would you rather watch?

Which sports movie of the '90s do you miss?

Which of these Kevin Smith movies is your favorite cult classic to watch with friends?

Which of these Stephen King movies still haunts you?

Which of these movies made you want a dragon for a friend?

Which of these sci-fi movies can you not believe is from the '90s?

Which Tom Hanks movie would you rather pop in the DVD player right now?

Which of these animated kids classics was your favorite VHS?

Which of these Halloween-themed movie do you still watch every year?

Which of these Home Alone characters did you identify most with?

Which Mel Gibson movie is the worst?

Which of these forgotten '90s films do you still remember?

Which classic gangster film will you always remember?

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