We Bet We Can Guess Your Favorite Female Artist

Emily Maggrett

Image: Atlantic Records

About This Quiz

We live in a #blessed era, where amazing female pop artists are the rule, rather than the exception. From Lady Gaga to Rihanna, Billie Eilish to Ariana Grande, the current music landscape is rich in incredibly talented female musicians. You could sit back and enjoy listening to all their bangers, or you could ask yourself a crucial question ... which one is REALLY my favorite? If you're the kind of person who loves torturing themselves with such conundrums, this quiz is perfect for you.

We're betting that our quiz supercomputer has the juice to deduce who your favorite female artist is, based solely on your answers to a series of personal questions. That's right; we think we know your musical taste better than you know it yourself! We're going to put that theory to the test by subjecting you to queries of many kinds, from "What's your favorite eye shadow color" to "What would you do if Jake Gyllenhaal broke up with you via text?"

Do you dare to stake your wits against our supercomputer's power? If you're brave enough to take this quiz on, we want to test you! So buckle in and get ready to answer some VERY difficult questions. It's quizzin' time!

How do you usually do your hair?

Are you more of a dumper or a dumpee?

What's your fave generation of people to date?

Do you chronically overshare?

Would YOU dip on Pete Davidson?

If a partner cheated on you, what would you do about it?

Are you soft-spoken or loud?

How do you go about getting people to give in to your ways?

Would it be accurate to describe you as a diva?

How many tattoos do you have?

Do you care if other people like you?

If an ex commented "thirsty" on one of your pics, how would you react?

How much chill do you have?

Do you think you're better than other people?

Be honest: could you see yourself leading an insane youth revolution?

Are you more prissy or wild?

How do you feel about Disney?

When a friend is mad at you, do you do anything about it or just wait for it to pass?

Do you like festivals, love festivals or hate festivals?

Are you a good driver?

If you were a butterfly, what kind would you be?

Are you more Gen Z or millennial?

Were you popular in middle school?

Do you consider Bradley Cooper to be hot?

If it were revealed tomorrow that you were an international cat burglar, would anyone be surprised?

Are you entitled?

Who's afraid of you?

Are you insecure about your dorky past?

Can you act? Or do you just LIVE FOR DRAMA?

What's your favorite power outfit?

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