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The 2000 film, "Requiem for a Dream," was a critically acclaimed piece of innovative cinema, thanks to writer-director Darren Aronofsky’s stylistic interpretation of Hubert Selby Jr.’s novel-turned-film. Wake up to the Requiem quiz and dream of getting a perfect score!

The story begins during one hot day. What season was it when the story first unfolds?

Together with the summer sun, the stories of the characters start bright, then fizzle out.


What is the overall subject matter of "Requiem for a Dream," from which all of the major characters suffered?

The major characters in "Requiem for a Dream" all had different forms of addiction. Their respective stories start from how they entered these addictions up to how they suffered from it.


A native New Yorker, director Aronofsky’s film was also set in his state. In which NY borough did the story take place?

Selby’s novel-turned-film is set in Brooklyn. The characters are from Brighton Beach.


One of the younger generation of Brighton Beach junkies in the film is Harry Goldfarb. Which Suicide Squad actor played him?

Jared Leto played Harry Goldfarb, the young man who's just a happy-go-lucky dude.


Harry Goldfarb had a best friend named Tyrone C. Love, an African-American who has recurring mother issues. Which comedic actor played him?

Marlon Wayans played Tyrone. He's called Ty for short.


Harry Goldfarb used to live with Sara Goldfarb, played by Ellen Burstyn. What is her relationship to Harry?

Ellen Burstyn's character, Sara, is Harry's mother. She was nominated for an Oscar for this role.


Brooklyn best friends Harry and Tyrone are both recreational drug users. What is their synthetic drug of choice?

Harry and Ty like shooting up heroin. Most of the time, they snort it.


As a widow who lives alone, what is Sara Goldfarb’s favorite hobby?

Sara loves watching television. She's always in front of it.


Sara Goldfarb always watches a TV segment hosted by Tappy Tibbons where he sells a certain lifestyle change program. What do you call this kind of TV segment?

The Tappy Tibbons segment is an infomercial. It plays for an extended time and sells a product.


Aside from heroin, in what organic drug of choice do Harry and Tyrone indulge?

Harry and Ty roll up marijuana joints and smoke it from time to time. But nothing beats synthetic for them.


Harry has a pretty girlfriend named Marion Silver who sometimes does drugs with him. Which "Hulk" actress portrayed her?

Jennifer Connelly played Marion Silver. She's supposed to be from a rich family, but she's detached from them.


Aside from seeing Harry, Marion also sees this kind of doctor from time to time. What doctor is this?

Marion is supposed to visit a psychiatrist more often. But she tends to skip the sessions.


To perk her up every morning, widow Sara Goldfarb drinks this beverage of choice, which is also addicting in a way.

Sara's other addiction is coffee. She can't live without it.


Sara Goldfarb also has a sweet tooth ​and is seen opening a box of these whenever she’s in front of the TV.

Sara is also addicted to chocolates. She opens a box whenever she watches TV.


Sara Goldfarb receives a call one day, to her delight. What did the caller promise to her, making her change her daily routine?

TV junkie Sara sure got excited when she received a call, saying she had the chance to appear on television. She just had to wait for the instructions to be sent to her via mail.


When Sara Goldfarb was preparing for her possible TV appearance, she took out an old dress that she hoped to wear on TV. What color is this dress?

Sara wants to relive her old days by wearing her old red dress again. She wore it when Harry graduated from high school.


When Sara Goldfarb couldn’t fit into her old red dress, she went to see a doctor who prescribed her some medication. What was in her prescription?

Sara got diet pills from a doctor. They were supposed to help her slim down.


The Tappy Tibbons infomercial urges people to undergo a lifestyle change that follows three rules. For rule number one, what does Tappy discourage people from eating?

Tappy's rule number one includes not eating red meat. Good luck to carnivore Sara!


Being a coffee and chocolate lover, Sara Goldfarb finds Tappy Tibbons’ second rule hard to follow. What does the second rule discourage people from eating?

Tappy's rule number two to a healthier and happier life is: no refined sugar. Now that's a tough one!


Aside from tinkering with their DJ tables and drugs, Harry and Tyrone planned to earn money from their habit. What did they do all summer to earn cash?

Harry thought of buying drugs then cutting them up to sell them in smaller packets. Ty was the one who knew where to get some, for capital.


When strapped for cash to buy his drugs, Harry used to do this to his mother Sara’s precious TV set.

Harry used to haul his mother's TV set to pawn it. But his mother always bought it back.


Feeling guilty about what he previously did to his mother’s old TV set, what did Harry do to make amends?

Harry bought his mom a brand new TV set. It was his way of apologizing for all the times he pawned her original set.


From which famous department store did Harry buy his mother’s new TV set?

Harry bought his mom's new TV set from Macy's. Its flagship store is in New York.


Sara Goldfarb kind of overdid the diet pill dosage, to Harry’s horror. What side effect did Harry see -- or hear -- in his mom to detect this?

Harry noticed his mom was grinding her teeth excessively. He realized immediately that her diet pills were amphetamines that could become harmfully addicting later on.


Sara had a set of elderly female friends who were always seen congregating on which part of their apartment?

Sara's female friends were always seated by the sidewalk, where they sunbathed or gossiped. They also watched the neighborhood.


Since Sara went on a diet to fit into her old red dress, which household appliance always “taunts and haunts” her?

Sara's drug-induced hallucinations included having the refrigerator come to life to taunt her. Aronofsky had a puppeteer move the fridge behind the scenes.


True to the season’s name, the characters all suffered a downward spiral when summer was over. In which season did they experience their bad luck?

The characters suffered stroke after stroke of bad luck during the fall. Aronofsky divided the film into segments that identified the seasons clearly.


When their Brooklyn drug supplies dried up, where did Harry and Tyrone drive to pick up more?

Harry and Ty thought of getting their drug supplies from the wholesaler. So they drove to Florida from where the shipment came.


The heroin shots Harry took affected and infected this particular part of his body. Which part was it?

Harry's arm got infected after to a vein got clogged and reacted badly to the heroin. But Harry continued to insist on shooting up there.


Harry and Tyrone never reached Florida. What happened to Tyrone?

When Ty brought Harry to the hospital to have his friend's infected heroin arm checked, they were tipped to the police. That ended up with Ty being arrested for drug use. He was jailed while Harry remained in the hospital.


Harry’s seriously infected arm landed him in the hospital. What did they do to cure him?

Harry's arm was amputated as a result of his infection. That was the only way to save him.


Who did Marion have sex with to get money for their drug-buying scheme?

Marion knew she could get money from her psychiatrist if she had sex with him.


Who did Marion end up having sex with to get more heroin supplies, not just money?

Marion got in touch with Little John, a pimp who had sex with her in exchange for some heroin supplies. Later, he invited her to attend a yuppie sex party to get more supplies in exchange for performing sexual acts.


What happened to Sara toward the end, when the doctors were trying to cure her of her diet pill addiction?

Sara was force-fed first while being treated for her diet pill addiction. As a last resort, the doctors made her sign a waiver so she could have shock treatment, to hopefully electrocute the addiction away.


The characters' tragic endings all happened during which season?

The story concluded with the winter of the characters' discontent, as they all suffered gravely due to their addictions. Each of them had a sad ending during the coldest season of the year -- winter.


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