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Test your knowledge on Ragnar Lothbrok and his legendary raids throughout Europe.

What does Floki build that makes him famous?

Flocki builds Ragnar ships that allow him to navigate the northern seas. With these ships, Ragnar ventures to new lands like England.


What does Ragnar choose to keep from his first raid?

The Christian monk, Athelstan, starts off as Ragnar's prisoner and later becomes a trustworthy friend. He teaches Ragnar about foreign lands and the people who live there.


Who is Lagertha?

Lagertha is a shield-maiden who raids with Ragnar and the others. She is a fierce warrior who rises in power, eventually becoming an Earl.


Where does King Ecbert rule originally?

After defeating the Vikings in battle, King Ecbert decides to negotiate with Ragnar. He even saves Rollo's life after he realizes that he can use Rollo to strike a deal with Ragnar.


Who does Rollo fight with against Ragnar?

Ragnar is sent by King Horik to settle a dispute with Jarl Borg, but the dispute leads to fighting. When asked to take sides, Rollo goes with Jarl Borg who offers him glory.


Who kills Athelstan?

Floki became jealous of Athelstan when Ragnar started looking to him for advice. Floki saw Athelstan as Ragnar's pet, and his jealousy led to murder.


Where does Ragnar raid after England?

After learning of Paris from Athelstan, Ragnar decides they will raid Paris next, and he rallies the other Vikings behind him.


Who is the son of Ragnar and Lagertha?

Bjorn starts off as a boy in the series but grows into a strong warrior and leader. As Ragnar grows older, Bjorn takes over many of his roles in the village.


What does Ragnar use to successfully conquer Paris?

Ragnar gets injured after a failed attack on Paris and fakes his death, asking for a Christian funeral. When his coffin is accepted into the city for the ceremony, Ragnar bursts from it and captures the city by holding Princess Gisla at knifepoint.


Who gives Ragnar medicine that makes him hallucinate?

Ragnar discovers Yidu is of noble birth when he watches her struggle to handle a chicken. As time passes, he grows closer to her, and she reveals that she is an illegitimate daughter of the Chinese emperor.


Who does Ragnar kill to become Earl?

Earl Haraldson accepts Ragnar's challenge of a duel to the death for the title of Earl, but even though he is injured, Ragnar comes out on top.


Who does Ragnar have a child with in England?

Ragnar beds Kwenthrith when he helps her take back Mercia from her brother. Later, she gives birth to his son, Magnus.


In the wilderness, what animal does Bjorn fight and kill?

Bjorn journeys into the wilderness to survive on his own and to prove to Ragnar that he can do it. While there, he encounters many obstacles, including a bear.


Who does Siggy marry after Earl Haraldson dies?

To protect her daughter, Siggy is forced to marry Rollo, but she comes to care for him as he cares for her.


Where does King Ecbert become king after Wessex?

King Ecbert pretends he is going to recapture Mercia for Queen Kwenthrith. However, he returns to Wessex with papers from the council of Mercia declaring that he is the new King of Mercia.


Why does Ragnar take Jarl Borg prisoner?

Ragnar returns from a raid to discover that Kattegat was captured by Jarl Borg. However, Ragnar's fury is vast and his revenge is swift. He retakes Kattegat and later kills Jarl Borg.


What is Valhalla?

The Vikings fight fiercely in battle with the hope of dying and entering Valhalla.


What city must Rollo defend from Ragnar?

Rollo is left in charge of the Viking camp outside of Paris when Ragnar and the others return home, but Rollo once again betrays his brother and takes sides with the enemy, as he is now the defender of Paris.


What's wrong with Ragnar's son Ivar?

Ivar was born with twisted legs and without the ability to walk. He would have been killed at birth if not for his mother, Aslaug.


Who sends an assassin to kill Bjorn?

Not only is Erlendur's father killed by Ragnar, but Bjorn sleeps with Erlendur's wife to rub salt on the burn. For that, Erlendur seeks revenge and sends an assassin to kill Bjorn in the woods.


What does Ragnar do to get his ships past Rollo on his way to Paris?

Rollo defends his position and prevents Ragnar from sailing upstream, but Ragnar tells the Vikings to move their ships around Rollo by land. Once the Viking ships are back in the water, they must defeat Rollo once more before they can reach Paris.


Who does Athelstan have a child with?

While Aethelwulf is away from Wessex, Judith sleeps with Athelstan and later has his child, Alfred.


Who is behind the destruction of the Viking settlement in England?

Many of the lords under King Ecbert kill the people living in the Viking settlement that was promised to Ragnar. They are accompanied by Ecbert's son Aethelwulf, who was secretly sent by King Ecbert. After the attack on the settlement, Ecbert has all of the lords executed, sparing only his son.


What's the highest title Ragnar has earned?

When King Horik tries to kill Ragnar, his plan is discovered. Ragnar kills Horik instead and becomes the new King.


Who does King Horik ask to betray Ragnar?

King Horik believes that Floki is growing discontent with Ragnar, so he asks Floki to help him murder Ragnar. Floki agrees to help but ends up betraying Horik.


What is Ragnar's occupation at the beginning of the series?

Ragnar was a farmer when he was not raiding with the other Viking warriors.


Where do the Vikings go to seek advice?

The Seer tells Ragnar that he will have many sons, but as Ragnar later learns, all of these sons will not come from Lagertha.


Which character suffers multiple miscarriages?

Lagertha and Ragnar struggle to have another child, so Ragnar takes a new wife in order to fulfill the Seer's prophesy that he will father many sons.


How does Siggy die?

When Aslaug's sons fall into a frozen lake, Siggy jumps in to save them. She saves the children but doesn't make it out herself.


Who does Rollo marry in Paris?

Emperor Charles needs Rollo's help to defeat Ragnar when he returns to Paris, so the Emperor offers his daughter's hand in marriage and land in North Frankia.


Who accompanies Alfred to Rome?

King Ecbert sends Aethelwulf to Rome with Alfred, while he takes the throne of Mercia from Kwenthrith. Without Aethelwulf, Kwenthrith has no allies.


Who is the Count of Paris when the Vikings first arrive?

Count Odo is credited with successfully defending Paris from the Vikings' first attack, but Ragnar crafts a plan that gets him inside the fortress.


What title does Rollo receive after defending Paris?

After Ragnar and the other Vikings are defeated, King Charles names Rollo Caesar.


Who does Lagertha kill on their wedding day?

Although Lagertha has affection for Earl Kalf, she kills him for betraying her and taking her earldom away.


How does Ragnar's daughter die?

When a disease spreads through Kattegat, Gyda catches it and dies while Ragnar is away raiding.


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