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Is your slang game on fleek? Test your knowledge on these popular phrases featured on one of the largest crowd-sourced online dictionaries of all time. It's lit!

A child birthed by a celebrity just for attention. Usually, given a bizarre name.

Kidcessory; Kimye had a kidcessory and named it "North West."

Commonly confused with the word "figuratively."

Literally; I'm literally dying at this question.

The dull pain in the wrist that occurs from consistently swiping left on Tinder.

Carpal Tinder syndrome; I regret swiping left on all 693 hags in my area because now I have Carpal Tinder syndrome.

A person who simply has no clue what he/she is doing in life. He/she has no common sense, and asks stupid questions, such as "how do I do laundry?"

Freshman at life; If you don't know what online banking is, you're def a freshman at life.

An activist who uses the art of rap as the medium to speak to and motivate the people.

Raptivist; Oh, snap! Did he just recite Jay-Z in his speech? What an A1 raptivist!

Cash money, dollar bills, dough, moolah, or bread.

Presidential Flashcards; How many presidential flashcards do I need to drop to buy those kicks?

The time period in which one waits for a reply to a flirtacious text he/she previously sent.

Text purgatory; Christine was in text purgatory after sending Faris, "drinks later? ;)"

When a person purchases a bag of chips with the preconceived notion that it will be full. However, upon opening the bag, you realize it's not full at all.

Chiptease; There were only 5 chips in that Doritos bag I just bought from the vending machine. What a chiptease!

The expression of being a little more than sad.

Drake Face; Alexa told my boy he has bougie style, so he's been sulking around the crib with Drake Face all day. #DrakeFace

The emotion of being thankfully lucky.

Luckfully; Luckfully, she said it wasn't mine.

To be true to one's self and real with all others.

Trill; Norah told Maya to stop lying and keep it trill.

The act of going braless.

God's bra; I don't need a real bra. I'm wearing God's bra.

When you sit on a toilet seat and the seat is still warm from the previous person who sat on it.

Ghost cheeks; I felt ghost cheeks on the toilet last night.

When you have the same facial expression no matter what emotion one's trying to convey.

Nicholas Cage Syndrome; "Who's that one actor who has Nicholas Cage Syndrome?" "Vince Vaughn?"

To eat ferociously.

Go Ham and Cheese; I'm so hungry I'm about to go ham and cheese at the Chinese buffet.

When the second toe is longer than the big toe.

King's toe; Oh! Laura has the king's toe only on her right foot.

The feeling when someone gets completely destroyed.

Rekt; I just no-scoped that noob. #rekt

The act of a bro cleaning his room solely because he thinks he might have a girl over that night.

Fling cleaning; I can't play Halo right now because I'm fling cleaning! Mimi's coming over later!

When someone takes selfies in dangerous situations or circumstances.

Selfiecidal; I can't believe Kim is taking selfies whilst driving on the freeway (with her infant son). She must be selfiecidal!

A person who texts while walking, usually unaware of his/her surroundings.

Petextrian; John slammed on his brakes when the petextrian ahead of him stopped short.

A person who uses an internet thesaurus to replace common words in his/her written work (usually incorrectly) to make himself/herself appear smarter.

Thesaurus Rex; "When did Jaeyoung start using the word 'cwtch?'" "Since he became a thesaurus rex."

An abnormal or pathological fear of being away from your mobile phone.

Nomophobia; "Why is Kim crying?" "She left her phone at home. She has nomophobia."

The act of showing off one's most ornate materials (i.e. cars, jewels, clothes, weave, new nails) once said person comes into money, expected or unexpected.

Rich rolling; Dang, Kandi's been rich rolling like a mutha as of late. Did she finally marry rich?

The feeling of let down after your cat, dog, or spouse does not acknowledge your fart with as much enthusiasm as you were expecting.

Post fartum depression; *Sigh* Pumpkin didn't even blink an eye when I let out the loudest fart of my life. I have post fartum depression now.

A phrase usually said after asking a question to express disagreement or disapproval.

Or nah; Troy, do you want to hit up KFC or nah?

To go crazy in the elevator, i.e., a girl attacking, punching, clawing, throwing objects, and kicking your sister's well-dressed, rapper husband

Gone solange; That girl done gone solange on Coty! [after a night at the bars]

The act of almost hitting send on a text message then realizing it's better to stop and not send it.

Tip of my thumb; It was on the tip of my thumb to tell my mother-in-law how I really felt about her.

A time-honored tradition of thinking things through while drinking a beverage.

Drink things through; What's the point in us meeting to drink things through? You cray!

The feeling when a person ethically cannot use the last unoccupied urinal because the ones surrounding it are being used.

Checkmated; I couldn't go pee! I got checkmated!

A person who specializes in dating seemingly unattractive people that later blossom into gorgeous specimens of life.

Investment banger; Did you see Nay's new man? He used to be so ugly. Nay is such an investment banger!

The antonym of "eye candy."

Eye cabbage; All these people on the soccer team are straight up eye cabbage.

A person who can run faster than most people and give the best hugs because he/she is warm and great to cuddle with. He/she must be active but also have a six pack of pudding cups!

Chubby fit; How am I still chubby when I'm active and good at sports? I must be chubby fit!

The act of discretely sniffing one's underarms for stank before venturing out in public areas to not offend others with fowl body odor.

Smellfie; I'm ready to go. But first, let me take a smellfie! *sniff* *sniff*

The act of stalking a person's Facebook or Instagram and accidentally liking a post from years back.

Deepfave; That guy needs to take it down a notch. He just deepfaved my Instagram pic from, like, 2008.

Corporate jargon for "eff off."

Will advise; "I'm working on the case files right now and will have them on your desk before 4PM, unless you call me into another meeting about bathroom usage." "Will advise."

The expression of appearing calm on the surface, but "paddling like crazy" beneath the surface.

Just ducky; "You look tired. How are you doing?" "Just ducky. Mind your business."

The act of setting one's clocks ahead ten minutes to trick oneself into being early for things.

Daylate Savings Time; "Loren, why do all the clocks in your house observe Daylate Savings Time?" "Because I'm always late."

The act of getting wild or excessively crazy. Typically used in the context of a party.

Turn up; "Keisha, what're we doing Monday night?" "Same thing as every other Monday. Turning up!"

A term used to call in sick to work.

Cough and call; I just wasn't in the mood to talk to people today so I pulled a cough and call.

A website where users attempt to ridicule and explain everyone and everything in his/her life under the guise of cynical quasi-intellectualism.

Urban Dictionary; "I can't find 'JFGI' in the dictionary." "Look it up on urbandictionary.com! Or you could JFGI next time."

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