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Life skills, social skills, management skills, communication skills, leadership skills, math skills and whatever other skills you care about are all around us. They're essential to our success and our entire lives consist of acquiring different skills. Elementary school teaches behavior and conduct skills. Playing on the local soccer team teaches team-building and leadership skills. Middle school might teach some basics about math and science, and high school will test your judgment and decision-making skills. If you graduate college, you might think you've acquired all the necessary skills in life, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

You might know how to spell the words further and farther, but do you know when to use each? You might know the speed limit in every state in America, but do you know how to convert miles to kilometers and vice versa? Can you tell time on the 24-hour clock as quickly as you can on the 12-hour clock? What if you needed to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, would you be able to do so in your head?

School teaches a ton of skills, but it doesn't teach the most challenging life skills. Do you think you can pass this challenging skills test? Put your wits to the test here.

Where is the North Star?

Polaris (aka the North Star) is the brightest of seven stars that make up Ursa Minor (aka Little Bear or Little Dipper). To find Polaris, start by locating the Big Dipper since it's easier to find. The two stars that close the bowl of the Big Dipper point to Polaris.


How do you find the answer to 500 X 200?

All you have to do to multiply any numbers ending in zero is multiply the initial numbers and then add the zeroes to the end of the answer. To multiply 500 X 200 just multiple 5 x 2 (10) and then add four zeroes (10 + 0000), so 500 x 200 = 100,000.


What is an easy way to roughly convert Fahrenheit to Celsius?

If it is 72 degrees Fahrenheit, you can convert the temperature to Celsius by subtracting 30 (72 - 30 = 42) and then dividing by two (42/2 = 21). The exact conversion is 22.22 degrees Celsius so this isn't perfect, but is suitable.


People lie on beds. People lay pillows on beds. What part of speech is the word "pillows"?

As long as you're dealing with present tense, the word "lay" requires a direct object and "lie" doesn't. You lay something down. You lie on something. The past tense of "lie" is lay because the word "lied" means something else.


The abbreviation e.g. translates to "for example." What does "i.e." translate to?

Many people use the abbreviations i.e. and e.g. interchangeably, but they mean different things. I.e. stands for the id est, which is a Latin phrase that translates to "in other words." You probably got this question right, i.e., you probably already knew this.


The day after today is known as what?

The word tomorrow has one m and two r's. You can remember the spelling by splitting it into two words: to and morrow. The old word for tomorrow is morrow, and the new word has become one of the most misspelled words in the English language.


How do you know whether an egg has gone bad without opening it?

An egg that is fresher than fresh will sink to the bottom of a bowl of cold water. Normally fresh eggs will stand up at the bottom, and rotten eggs will float to the top. Eating rotten eggs will likely upset your stomach and can possibly cause more serious issues.


How do you calculate the amount of daylight left in a day without using a clock?

The number of fingers you can fit between the sun and the horizon will give you a rough estimate of how much daylight is left. Hold your hand out with your palm facing you, and stack fingers between the horizon and sun. Each finger is worth somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes.


If you're cycling down a busy street, how do you signal to cars that you're about to take a left turn?

Whether you're cycling or driving a motor vehicle that doesn't have blinkers, the signal for taking a left turn on the road is by extending your left arm out to the left. To make a right turn, you bend your left arm upward at a right angle.


What do you do if someone breaks into your house while you're home?

There is no right answer for such a wrong situation, but there are tips. Most burglars will leave once they realize someone is home, but if you can safely exit, it is best to get out of the house. If all you can do is hide, be quiet, and call emergency services in all situations.


What is the scientific word for the little angel and devil on your shoulders talking you through your decisions?

The easiest way to remember how to spell conscience is by breaking it into two words: con and science. The word is often misspelled and more often confused with the word conscious, which is an adjective, like a conscious decision. Conscience is a noun, like a guilty conscience.


Which of these household items is an effective treatment for treating cuts?

Most people don't know that super glue can be used to effectively treat a cut but it has been used for that exact purpose for decades. Its inventor even said that the glue was used in the Vietnam War to treat wounds while patients awaited stitches.


Is New York City farther or further away than Chicago?

The words farther and further are commonly mixed up. All you have to remember is the word farther is used for real distances and the word further is used for fake distances. My house can be farther away than my car and my dreams can move further away from reality.


How do you solve 1000 - 263?

If you want to solve 1000 - 263 in your head, just do 9 - 2 (7), 9-6 (3) and 10 - 3 (7) to equal 737. You can quickly subtract any number from 1000 with this trick. It could be helpful if you needed to figure out the price of a discount on the fly.


How do you remove a wine cork without a corkscrew?

There are no less than a million ways to remove a cork from a wine bottle without a corkscrew, but probably the most effective way is by applying heat to the neck of the bottle to force the cork to pop out.


What should you do if you're turning left at a busy intersection and oncoming traffic is heavy?

Almost all traffic in the world is caused by people turning left at intersections. If you're turning left at an intersection, you have to wait until the oncoming traffic clears up before you can go. They have the right of way.


What time is 5:30 p.m. on the 24-hour clock?

The 24-hour clock is commonly known as military time and it is used pretty much everywhere in the world except America. It starts at 00:00 (midnight) and resets at 24:00. The easiest way to convert the time is to add it to the number 12, so 5:30 pm would equal 17:30.


What were ancient Egyptian rulers called?

Pharaohs ruled Egypt from about 3,000 BC to 30 BC and by the 21st century the word "pharaoh" was one of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language. It's a tricky word to spell, but just remember: phara + ohs.


What should you do if you chop your finger off while removing an avocado pit?

The No.1 thing to do if you have a major cut of any kind is to apply pressure to it with a clean cloth. Then call emergency services. If you can raise the affected area above your heart, do so. It will help fluids pump away and reduce swelling.


If you accidentally place your hand on the stove burner for one split second too long, what is the first step in treating the burn?

The first thing you should do to treat a burn is run it under cool water. Do not run it under hot or cold water. Depending on how bad the burn is, you may have to seek immediate medical attention, but minor burns should heal with a bandage.


What do you do if you're the sole witness to a major accident while driving?

If you're driving and witness an accident right in front of you, you're supposed to pull over in a safe area and call emergency services. You can go check on the driver if it's safe to do so, but if you see the car smoking you should definitely stay back.


How do you find 30% of 1,200?

The easiest way to find the percentage of any value is to divide both numbers by 10 and then multiply the answers. If you want to find 30% of 1,200, just find 30/10 (3) and 1,200/10 (12), and then multiply 3 x 12 = 36, so 30% of 1,200 is 36%.


Michael never should of given away the movie's ending. What is wrong with that sentence?

The word "of" is a preposition that has several meanings and the word "have" is a verb that has several meanings. These two words are commonly mixed up, but Michael never should have given away the movie's ending, not should of.


How big is a cup of rice?

If you're in the kitchen and cooking without measuring cups, it's always good to know how to eye out different ingredients. Every ingredient is different and it takes practice, but a cup of food commonly equates to about the size of a baseball.


How might you label a box full of random items?

Miscellaneous is an adjective that describes a collection of various items and it is one of the most misspelled words in the English language. There is no easy trick to remember the spelling of this word and the abbreviation misc. is regularly used.


Who is your emergency contact when traveling abroad?

When traveling to a new country, it's best to know the contact information of your country's embassy just in case of emergencies. Something as small as misplacing a passport can turn into a nightmare and the emergency numbers in one country aren't the same in the next.


What is a homophone?

Homophones are words pronounced alike that have different spellings. Some common homophones are: there, their, they're, bear, beer and bare. Homonyms are words spelled alike that have different meanings, which is every word that has multiple meanings.


How often should you change your car oil?

It's a good idea to look into changing your oil every 3,000 miles. All you have to do to check your car's oil level is wait until your car is cool, pop the hood, remove the dipstick, clean it, dip it and measure it. The dipstick will be labeled "full" and will display your oil level.


Which of these items do you need if you want to mount something to a cement wall?

When you're mounting to drywall all you need to do is locate the wall stud and make sure to mount into the center of it. Cement walls don't have wall studs, and if you want to mount to cement, you'll first have to use a plastic anchor screw.


How can you roughly convert miles to kilometers in your head?

It can be difficult to add 60% in your head at once and the easiest way to do it is to add 50% and then add 10% separately. To convert 250 miles to kilometers you can use 250 (100%) + 125 (50%) + 25 (10%) = 400. The exact conversion is 402.33, so this isn't exact but it's pretty close.


What is a quick way to break in a pair of leather shoes?

There's nothing worse than walking around all day in brand new shoes that are wrecking your feet. You can heat up your shoes with a hairdryer and then wear them around the house to mold them to your feet. Just make sure to wear thick socks.


What is an easy way to multiply any number by 5?

What does 5 x 848 equal? All you have to do is cut 848 in half (424) and then add a zero to the end (4,240). If the number isn't whole when you split it (797/2 = 398.5) remove what's after the decimal and add a five to the result (3,985).


Which of the following sentences uses parallel structure?

One of the biggest mistakes people make while writing is mismatching their ideas and causing confusion for the reader. The pizza in Naples is better than the pizza in NYC. The pizza in Naples isn't comparable to NYC as a city, only to its pizza.


A ________ is a situation where one must choose between a bad option and another bad option.

A dilemma is commonly referred to as a catch-22, a lose-lose situation or being stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is a noun that defines a situation where one must make a difficult decision between bad options. The word has one l and two m's.


If you approach an accident scene as you drive down the highway, what should you do?

There is no need to stop or slow down as you approach a highway accident unless there are people on the road. You definitely are not allowed to pull up and watch the action, and you're never allowed to pull a u-turn on the highway to avoid traffic.


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