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You have found a quiz about the most popular show in television history! Not without its issues, the show continues to run in 2017 without the original cast. This quiz will test your knowledge of the original series, with the original presenters.

What channel in the U.K. filmed "Top Gear"?

The BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation was the TV station that showcased "Top Gear." BBC America had the United States of America broadcasting agreement, and the Canadian version was hosted by BBC Canada. It debuted in 1977 and is the top rated, top earning show in BBC history.


How many presenters were on the original "Top Gear" series?

There are three presenters on "Top Gear." Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were lifelong friends, and their on-screen banter made it even better. All three left the show in 2016 and moved to a new show on Amazon Prime.


What is the professional race driver's name in the show?

The current race driver is called The Stig. He or she is a complex person, identity unknown. Some quick facts that we do know are: He's afraid of trees, he listens to cheesy CDs while testing cars and he's a tame racing driver.


How many countries is "Top Gear" shown in?

Top Gear is shown in 214 territories, a record for modern-day television. The show is not only the BBC's top earning show, with $150 million pounds of revenue, but is one of the most watched shows on Earth. Unofficially, the show is watched by 350 million people per episode.


What section of the show do celebrities take part in?

When celebrities come on "Top Gear," they take part in the "Star in a reasonably priced car" section, which means they take a lap in a car on the test track and compete with other stars. Due to the people the show attracts, the subgroups for the timing results are "Keyboard Corner" (musicians), "Thespian Zone" (actors) and "Formula 1."


"Top Gear" has become infamous for its specials -- where did the first special take place?

The first ever "Top Gear" special took place in Norway. The guys decided to take on the beautiful ski hills of Norway in a number of vehicles. It was aired in 2006 and started a great tradition on "Top Gear."


In what special did the guys make history?

The guys made history in Canada, when they were the first people to drive a car to the North Pole. The Polar Special aired in 2008 and was one of the fan favorites. Jeremy remarked that he would never buy long underwear again due to the frigid temperatures during filming.


What is Jeremy Clarkson's nickname on the show?

The British love to make fun of people's names, and Jeremy Clarkson was not spared. He was known as Jezza, and surprisingly he took it all for good fun. Jezza was one of the reasons "Top Gear" was such a success, and his banter won over a number of fans.


What is Hammond's nickname?

Jeremey refers to Mr. Richard Hammond as Hamster. This is due to Hammond's tendency to chew paper and the fact that Jeremy sees Hammond as a small pest. Hammond has taken to the nickname and even has a hamster in his car occasionally.


Who is Captain Slow?

James May is known as Captain Slow. Whether it comes from his ability to drive excessively slow or a lack of direction is not known. Famously, he has a 300-horsepower car, but only a 15-horsepower foot.


What was the very first "Top Gear" special called, that aired in season 7?

Top Gear aired its first special in 2006. It was from season 7. It was called "Winter Olympics" and took place in Norway.


In the 2007 special, called "Polar Special," what country did they visit?

In the 2007 special, "Top Gear" visited Canada. It was called the "Polar Special." It aired season 9, episode 7.


In the "Botswana Special," what country did "Top Gear" visit?

The "Botswana Special" was fittingly titled, as "Top Gear" visited Botswana. The special was filmed in 2007. It aired in season 10, episode 4.


What is the premise of the "Top Gear" specials?

The specials have Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond head to an international location for a road trip. These specials differ from regular episodes in that they are longer than the standard sixty-minute episodes.


What was the last special that aired called?

The last special that aired under the "Top Gear" title was called "Patagonia Special." It aired in 2015. In the special, "Top Gear" visited Argentina and Chile.


In what year did the Vietnam special air?

The "Top Gear" Vietnam special aired in 2008. The special aired as the final episode of season 12.


How did "Top Gear" travel through Vietnam in 2008?

Jeremy, James and Richard rode through Vietnam on three two-wheeled vehicles. Jeremy rode a scooter, while Richard and James rode motorbikes. Along the way, the presenters were given numerous challenges


How much money were the presenters given to buy a vehicle in Vietnam?

The presenters were given 15 million Vietnamese dong to buy a car. This made them happy, as they thought that this was a lot of money to buy a car. However, they soon discovered that the 15 million dong was only worth 1,000 U.S. dollars.


What type of bike did Hammond purchase?

Hammond purchased a Russian Minsk bike. May purchased an ancient Honda 50 Super Cub and Jeremy purchased a Vespa which had no stand. Jeremy originally stood in the rain and asked passers-by if he could buy their car for the money he had.


What was the presenters' challenge while in Vietnam?

While in Vietnam, the presenters were told to drive themselves from Saigon to Ha Long City, a journey the Americans failed to complete in 10 years while in the country. Clarkson already disliked the task from when he was first handed the challenge.


Before they started the journey, they had to buy helmets. Which presenter was the only one sucessful with this task?

Before they began their journey, however, the presenters had to buy helmets. Richard Hammond was the only one who could fit a helmet and as such Jeremy and James went and had some made. The next day they met up in a car park to start the journey, with James having a colander and wok as a helmet and Jeremy, a bucket!


What five countries did the presenters visit during the "Middle East Special" in 2010?

Richard, James and Jeremy visited Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel during the "Middle East Special." It aired in 2010 as part of season 16.


What was the presenters' task during the Middle Eastern special in 2010?

Jeremy, James and Richard were tasked with retracing the steps of the three wise men during the "Middle Eastern Special" in 2010. This required them to retrace the journey across the Middle East to Bethlehem in Israel.


How did the presenters travel across the Middle East?

Jeremy, Richard and James were given a budget of 3,500 pounds. They were told to each buy a second-hand two-door convertible sports car. James spent 466 extra on his!


Why did Jeremy say, "We are not three wise men but instead, one wise man, an idiot and a cheat"?

The presenters were told to buy a used two door sports car. Richard had bought a special Fiat Barchetta with black paint and red leather seats, Jeremy a Mazda MX-5, and James a BMW Z3, despite spending more than the budget of three and a half thousand pounds. This caused Jeremy to comment that they were not three wise men (as they were retracing their journey) but instead "one wise man, an idiot and a cheat."


Where did the presenters stay overnight in Iraq?

The three tried to cross the border out of Iraq as night fell, but they were told that the BBC wasn't allowed entry into Iran, for political reasons. They couldn't find a hotel nearby in Iraq, so they ended up at an amusement park with a Ferris wheel, bumper car track, and roller coaster.


In the "Africa Special" in 2013, what countries did the presenters visit?

The "Africa Special" aired in 2013. It was part of season 19 and contained two episodes. The presenters visited Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.


How did the presenters travel across Africa?

Jeremy, James and Richard traveled around Africa in secondhand estate cars on a budget. They started in Uganda and traveled through Rwanda to reach their final destination in Tanzania.


What were the presenters tasked with finding in Africa in 2013?

Jeremy, James and Richard attempted to find the true source of the River Nile in secondhand estate cars. It was the first special in "Top Gear" history to be split into two parts.


At one point in their African journey, what did the presenters do?

The presenters ended up having to stay in a hotel overnight. They were thoroughly disgusted by the rooms, though. Hammond called an emergency breakfast meeting and said they should turn their cars into mobile homes and sleep in their cars instead.


Where did the presenters travel to in the "Burma Special" in 2014?

Jeremy, James and Richard traveled to Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand in 2014. It aired in 2014 as part of season 21, episodes 6 and 7.


How did the presenters travel across Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand?

The presenters traveled across Thailand and Myanmar in lorries. Jeremy was the first to arrive in what he dubbed the "sports lorry," a yellow Isuzu built around 1959. The next to arrive was James, in the smallest vehicle of the three, leading Jeremy to mock it as a van. James' lorry had a crane attachment on the back, which he later put to good use.


What was the presenters' task in Myanmar?

The presenters began in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar (Burma) and headed across Myanmar, up into the Shan State, and then crossed the border at Tachileik into Thailand. In Thailand, they were told to construct a bridge over the River Kwai.


Which presenter's lorry had a crane in it during the Myanmar special?

James had the smallest lorry. However, his lorry had a red crane attachment on the back, which he later put to good use.


Who flew off a horse during the Myanmar special?

Richard flew off a horse during the Myanmar special. There was a hilarious scene when Richard Hammond fell off his horse, when the animal attempted to mount a fine filly. Richard ended up going to a hospital with a sprained wrist.


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