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Test you knowledge about the animated cartoon shorts, Tom and Jerry.

On average, how long were each of the Tom and Jerry episodes?

Most of the cartoon shorts ran 7-9 minutes long.


Who developed the original concept for the cartoon?

While working for MGM, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera were paired together and created a cat-and-mouse cartoon.


What couldn’t Jerry resist doing in “Johann Mouse”?

They live in the apartment of Johann Strauss, and Jerry can’t resist waltzing when the composer plays the piano.


Which bulldog duo featured frequently in Tom and Jerry?

Spike frequently is heard teaching his son, Tyke, how to be a good dog.


Tom gets beat up by a cornered Jerry in “Mouse Trouble” and utters what catchphrase?

“Don’t you believe,” was one of the few words Tom frequently said. “Mouse Trouble” won the Academy Award for Best Short Subject when it was released in 1944.


What causes Jerry to become Mr. Mouse in “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse”?

When Tom can’t keep Jerry from drinking his milk, he poisons it.


In “Quiet Please,” what does Jerry leave to Tom in his will?

Jerry leaves him one custard pie, which promptly is thrown in Tom’s face. This is one of the seven episodes to win an Academy Award.


Tom plays which song in “The Cat Concerto”?

“The Cat Concerto” (MGM) resembles “The Rabbit Rhapsody” (WB) in that both the main characters both are giving a concert in tails, are bothered by a mouse, and both play Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.


Why does Jerry want to get rid of the bird he hatched in “Hatch Up Your Troubles”?

The bird enjoys drilling through wood, but this trait is eventually helpful. Tom and Jerry cartoons were originally released with movies, but began appearing on television in 1965.


Tom & Jerry Kids aired on which network in the early 1990s?

FOX jumped on board with the fad of creating younger cartoon icons such as Baby Looney Toons, Flintstone Kids, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, and Muppet Babies.


In “The Million Dollar Cat” Tom says, “Gee, I’m throwin’ away a million dollars, but…”?

Tom rarely talks, but after trying to be good the whole episode while Jerry torments him, he says, ““Gee, I’m throwin’ away a million dollars, but I’m happy!”


Who produced Tom and Jerry from 1941 through 1955?

Hanna and Barbera both disliked Fred Quimby.


What were Tom and Jerry called in the first episode, “Puss Gets the Boot”?

They were originally call Jasper and Jinx when the short was released February 10, 1940.


Who provided the voice for Tom’s scream?

To produce the sound effect, William Hanna screamed and they cut the beginning and end of it off.


Spike’s voice was modeled after which comedian?

Initially, Spike was mute and attacked both Tom and Jerry, but as his character developed, he began to speak often in the style of Jimmy Durante.


Which was the first episode to win an Academy Award?

Although Tom and Jerry had been nominated for Academy Awards prior to releasing “Yankee Doodle Mouse,” 1943 was the first year they actually won.


How many Academy Awards did the original Tom and Jerry series win?

The seven Academy Awards are more than any other character-based, theatrical, animated series.


“Baby Puss” was which long-term animator’s first time working on the series?

Ray Patterson was also known for directing the Snorks and the Smurfs. He died on December 30, 2001 at the age of 90.


In the short “Jerry’s Cousin,” what was the name of Jerry’s cousin?

Muscles has a hobby of beating up cats so when Tom becomes too much for Jerry, Jerry asks Muscles to come help. The Simpsons did a spoof of Tom and Jerry called Itchy and Scratchy.


What holiday did “The Little Orphan” celebrate?

The note on Nibbles reads: “This is Nibbles, the little Orphan you agreed to have as your guest for dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you, Bide A Wee Mouse Home P. S. He’s Always Hungry”


When Tom is cleaning the wall in “Mouse Cleaning,” what does Jerry stick in his water?

Jerry dumps ink in the water. The title “Mouse Cleaning” was a play on the magazine title Good Housekeeping.


When did “Tot Watchers,” the final episode by Hanna-Barbera at MGM, air?

The MGM cartoon studios closed in 1958, so Tot Watchers was the last Tom and Jerry short released by them on August 1, 1958.


What female cat does Tom woo in “Solid Serenade”?

The dog guarding Toots' yard is most frequently known as Spike, but seen sleeping in a doghouse with “Killer” written over the entrance.


What job is Tom given in “The Two Mousketeers”?

Tom was guillotined off camera for allowing Jerry and Nibbles to eat all the food.


How does Tom die in “Heavenly Puss”?

Tom is flattened when a piano falls down the stairs. He goes to Heaven and is told by the Conductor (voiced by Daws Butler) that he must seek forgiveness from Jerry in order to board the Heavenly Train.


What is the name of Jerry’s nephew?

Nibbles frequently spoke with a French accent and showed no fear of Tom.


What animal chases both Tom and Jerry in “Salt Water Tabby”?

The green crab actually loses a leg for a few frames before Jerry uses his claw to pry off the pop cap.


The New Tom and Jerry Show was a kinder gentler remake by Hanna-Barbera that aired during which years?

Between 1975 and 1977, Hanna and Barbera had to meet stringent rules that did not allow them to show violence in the cartoon. As a result, Tom and Jerry became friends and traveled together.


Which cat did Tom fight with over the love of Toodles?

Butch occasionally teamed up with Tom and was the leader of a gang of alley cats.


What does Tom do when he sees the note Jerry left telling him he was going to Manhattan?

Tom never sees the note because Jerry returns quickly after being chased by cats vehicles, and police officers. Although he enjoyed dancing with the place card girls (one of them has hair that changes from red to blonde), he is happy to run home.


What is the name of the ship chasing Dicky Moe?

Although the Pequod was in the book, Moby Dick from which the episode got its inspiration, the name of the boat was the Komquot.


What was the name of the only made for television short produced by Turner Entertainment?

In “The Mansion Cat,” Tom is watching an old episode of Tom and Jerry on television.


In the movie Anchors Away who is seen dancing with Jerry?

Jerry dances with Gene Kelly. The cartoon Family Guy later lifted this scene and replaced Jerry with Stewie Griffin.


Who directed “Pent House Cat”?

Gene Deitch directed 13 Tom and Jerry shorts despite feeling the show was too violent.


Which actress originally provided the voice for Mammy Two Shoes?

Mammy Two Shoes disappeared during “Pet Peeve” (1954) and was later edited out of many shorts because people felt her portrayal, including the voice provided by Lillian Randolph, was too stereotypical.


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