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Who wins when a sexy thief and a seductive detective cross paths? It's time to take this ultimate quiz and find out! Think you remember this movie well enough to ace it?

The Thomas Crown Affair was filmed in ______, a remake of a 1968 film of the same name.

The 1999 film was directed by John McTiernan.


Which actor plays the role of Thomas Crown?

Pierce Brosnan was born on May 16, 1953 in Ireland.


Which museum is at the center of this heist film?

The Met was established in 1870.


Where is the Metropolitan Museum of Art located?

It is located at 1000 Fifth Avenue in New York City.


Which actress plays the lead investigator role?

Rene Russo was born on February 17, 1954 in Burbank, California.


What is the name of the painting that Thomas Crown steals from The Met?

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk is painting by Monet.


How much is the San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk worth?

The insurers send their own investigator out to help solve the crime alongside NYPD.


What is the name of Rene Russo's character in The Thomas Crown Affair?

Catherine Banning is one of the few female roles in The Thomas Crown Affairs.


NYPD Detective Michael McCann is portrayed by which actor?

Denis Leary was born in Worcester Massachusetts on August 18, 1957.


What does Thomas Crown use to steal the painting?

He creates a diversion and fools everyone!


How did Catherine suspect Thomas Crown was involved with the theft of the painting?

She knew he had previously bid on an expensive Monet painting.


How did Catherine make her way into Thomas' house to look for the painting?

She stole his keys and had copies made.


What did Catherine wear to the black and white ball?

When Crown tells her that this is a black and white ball, she replies, "That's ok, I wasn't invited anyway."


Why can't the security cameras see Thomas Crown stealing the painting?

He placed a briefcase in the room with a heater in it so that the cameras would be overcome with the heat in the room and the thermal imaging would not work.


What does Thomas Crown crash in the movie?

Pierce Brosnan performed his own stunts during the boat crash scene.


Who is Thomas Crown speaking to at the beginning of the movie?

We never learn the actual name of the psychiatrist in the movie.


Which actress plays the role of Thomas Crown's psychiatrist?

Faye Dunaway graduated from Boston University with a degree in theater.


How did the thieves make their way into the museum to help Crown steal the painting?

The Trojan Horse was a hollow statue of a horse, they used this to gain entrance.


What did Crown offer to the museum following the heist?

In doing so, he appeared to be a friend of the museum, very sneaky!


Catherine finds what she believes is the stolen painting, but it is a forgery. What was the forged painting covering up?

Catherine is furious when she realizes she has been fooled by this forged painting.


How much money will Catherine receive if she recovers the stolen painting?

She will receive 5% of its $100 million value.


Which language does Catherine speak to the thief in during her interrogation?

At first she tries French but he does not respond. She tries German and he snickers.


Where is the group of thieves from who help Thomas Crown with the theft?

Catherine threatens to have them deported back to Romania if they do not cooperate with her.


Which actor/actress also appeared in the original Thomas Crown Affair film from 1968?

Faye Dunaway portrayed Catherine in the 1968 version and the psychiatrist in the 1999 version!


Who does Catherine sleep with in The Thomas Crown Affair?

Thomas and Catherine have a very powerful connection in this film.


In addition to driving a car, and boat, what other mode of transportation does Crown also operate?

He even lets Catherine operate it after they have slept together.


"If you pull a stunt like that again, I'll __________."

Catherine says this to Crown in reference to Margritte's "Son of Man".


Crown is guardian to ______.

Anna Knudsen was portrayed by actress Esther Canadas.


Who does Crown use as a set up to make Catherine jealous?

He sets up a scenario where it appears as though he has had an affair with Anna to make Catherine jealous.


Why can't the police keep an eye on Crown when he enters the museum to return the stolen Monet?

They are all wearing a suit and a top hat!


Where do Crown and Catherine travel to for two days and two nights together?

The island is not identified in the movie, but it was actually Martinique.


Where does Crown surprise Catherine at the end of the movie?

She was crying and he handed her a handkerchief.


What happens after the Monet has been returned to the Met?

This time Crown has stolen a piece of artwork that Catherine loved.


Where did Crown tell Catherine to meet him?

The Thomas Crown Affair grossed more than $69 million at the box office.


"Do you want to dance? or do you want to _______?"

Crown says this to Catherine during their dancing scene and to answer she kisses him.


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