Take This Yes Or No Quiz And We'll Guess Which Day This Year Will Be Your Absolute Best!

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Our exciting game of "Yes or No" is going the reveal the day of the year you will consider your very best. Your focus in life could be on your career, or it could be about love. No matter what you are looking for in life, this year is sure to bring it right to your door. The question is - when? When is all the good stuff going to happen to you? 

Throughout this "Yes or No" quiz, we will want to know about your personality, your love life, and the things that make you spring out of bed in the morning. The things you are passionate about will point us toward the calendar to predict the day you will find life-changing. 

Remember that you can only answer yes or no. Even if you are struggling with the 50/50 choice, try to choose the answer that you find the most reasonable. By keeping the answers so simple, our powers of prediction will remain uncluttered.

You might want to pull up the calendar app on your phone when you take this quiz. Telling us a little about your plans will help clarify the way time is going to work in your favor. Let's find out which day you should look forward to the most!

Do you enjoy summer more than you enjoy spring?

Would you be able to live alone in a cabin without human contact for one year?

Would you ever wear socks with sandals at the beach?

Do you think your boss always makes sound and logical decisions?

Do you attend large family gatherings around Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Would your friends describe you as being driven or ambitious?

When you go out to eat, do you tip your server at least 20%?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe that luck is more powerful than fate?

Would you be able to tolerate a week long car ride with your boss for a passenger?

Do you have an extensive bucket list you would like to fulfill?

Do you set goals and stick to your timelines?

Is your car less than 10 years old?

Would you consider your career more important than you relationships?

Do you always pay attention to the body language of others?

Are you the most stylish and fashionable person at your job?

Can you sleep in a moving vehicle without getting sick?

Do you think that your bank account defines your level of success?

Do you prefer texting to talking on the phone?

Would you like the opportunity to rule the world for an entire month?

Do you watch the news every night before you go to bed?

Are you more of a lover than you are a fighter?

Do you consider yourself a great team player?

Do you often start projects, but never finish them?

Would you be willing to share you home with a litter of kittens?

Do you follow politics so closely that you get involved in your community?

Do you always give 110% to every task you undertake?

Do you have a good outlook on the future?

Do you mind being the center of attention at parties?

Do you like chocolate ice cream more than you like vanilla ice cream?

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