This Yes or No Quiz Will Guess Your Dominant Personality Trait

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About This Quiz

Personality is a complicated thing. It can morph over time, being shaped by your experiences and your circumstances. Some people are in a position to not actually know their own personality in full, because certain aspects of it have never been tested. For example, if you have never been poor, you don't know if you would steal to eat. If you have never had to keep your mouth shut in the face of injustice in order to keep a job, you don't necessarily know if you have integrity. If you've never endured a period of time that simply piles on one disaster after another, you may not know how strong you actually are, and if you've never had to recover from something traumatic, you may not know if you are truly resilient.

Still, by the time we're adults, most of us have gone through a few of these things, one way or another - and of course, most of our traits are tested and shaped in smaller ways all the time. Sure, some of us think we're a little bit smarter or funnier than is really the case, while some with low self-esteem think the opposite, but part of becoming an adult means coming to terms with the truth and being willing to put in the work to dial down or heal those parts of yourself that aren't your best manifestation. It also means the more fun process of finding your strengths and positives, and working to boost them still higher!

Do you know your number-one trait? Let's find it!

Do you like most people?

Did you breeze through school?

Do you always know what to say?

Do you worry a lot about other people?

Do you know how to take a compliment?

Do you usually dominate the room?

Do you read fast?

Do you always say whatever pops into your head?

Are you easily entertained?

Is money very important to you?

Do you forgive easily?

Are you intensely ambitious?

Do you check your emails over before you send them?

Do you sometimes take pleasure in cutting a bully down to size?

Do you prefer to volunteer your time instead of your money, all else being equal?

Do you really hate apologizing?

Do you have a lot of defense mechanisms?

Is it easy to get to know you?

Do you overthink everything?

Do animals trust you immediately?

Would you ever shank a colleague to get ahead?

Do you ever say "Screw it" and just turn in a half-assed piece of work because you can?

Would you ever tell a friend that a hideous outfit was, in fact, hideous?

Do you know how to break the tension in the room?

Are you somehow always very busy?

Do you have a long attention span?

Do you think people who are not good at spelling are probably a bit stupid?

If someone is sad, do you feel extremely uncomfortable?

Is it very important to be a good person?

Do you regret a lot of your decisions?

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