This Rapid-Fire Test Will Guess Your Eye Color

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Just like all the colors on the color wheel, your eye color reveals a lot of your personality traits that you might not be aware of. Once you answer our rapid-fire questions, we think that we'll be able to pick up on those traits and figure out your eye color. Think as quickly as you can, and we'll do the rest. 

As you work your way through this quiz, answer the questions without hesitating. By eliminating the agony of a lot of thought, your traits will shine through without a lot of clutter, and your eye color will be obvious. While those with brown eyes are said to be down-to-earth and humble, those with blue eyes are said to be charming and smart. Your pure and unhindered answers will spell out the color the world sees when it looks into your eyes by showing us your true nature. 

When you read the short questions we've asked, immediately pick the answer that represents you best. We have kept it simple so that nothing gets in the way of your eye color. Will we be able to correctly guess the color of your peepers, or will we need to have our eyes examined? 

Do you call them sneakers or tennis shoes?

Are you more outgoing or shy?

Could you give up eyeliner or lipstick?

Do you wear a lot of black?

Would you wear a fedora or a beret?

Do you shop the clearance rack or the couture section?

Are you dressed for comfort or looks today?

How long does it take you to get ready for work?

Do you wear skinny jeans?

What type of underwear do you wear?

What's the best way to work out?

Do you sleep in pajamas?

Do you use more hairspray or gel?

How do you handle your eyebrows?

Which of your features is cutest?

Do you prefer to wear brown or navy?

Where do you shop for cosmetics?

What type of swimsuit flatters you best?

Are you mysterious or upfront?

Are you laid back or high strung?

How often do you look in a mirror?

Which word sums up your style?

Do you wear makeup every day?

What kind of bag do you carry?

Would you wear neon pink?

Are you more feminine or flirty?

Do you drink enough water?

How complex is your skincare routine?

Do you own a little black dress?

Which spa service sounds good right now?

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