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Audiences have been rooting for the lovable con men played by Paul Newman and Robert Redford for more than 40 years. "The Sting" is as much fun today as it was when it premiered in 1973. Whether you saw it then or just last week, see how much of the film you remember.

Where does Hooker go after he and his partner Luther find themselves "in the money"?

Hooker's girlfriend works as a dancer at a burlesque theater. After he and Luther score big, he offers to take her out and spend $50 on her.


How does Hooker lose his share of the score he makes with Luther?

Hooker takes his girlfriend to a gambling parlor, where he loses everything at the roulette wheel. Needless to say, she's not pleased.


What is Lonnegan's signature expression?

When Lonnegan gives directions to his crew, he often ends with the question, "Ya follow?" They know better than to say no.


Why does Lonnegan put out a hit on Hooker and Luther?

Luther and Hooker con a man out of the money he's carrying, not knowing he works for Lonnegan. They're shocked when their haul turns out to be $11,000.


What kind of business does Billie run above the carousel?

Billie's primary business is a brothel, but on a slow night, sometimes the girls do enjoy a ride on the carousel.


Who is Henry Gondorff hiding from?

Gondorff tells Hooker that he had to go underground after he conned a senator on a stock deal. He only gets back into the game to help Hooker get revenge on Lonnegan.


What sign of recognition do Gondorff, Hooker and their gang use with each other?

Gondorff, Hooker and the con men they hire lightly brush the side of their nose to signal various things, including letting each other know the plan is on track. It's a simple gesture that no one else would notice or find odd.


How do Gondorff and Hooker get Lonnegan interested in their scheme?

After Lonnegan isn't able to pay his debt to Gondorff after the poker game, Hooker goes to Lonnegan's compartment, supposedly to collect the money. He then "hooks" Lonnegan by telling him he has a plan to take over Gondorff's off-track betting operation and offers Lonnegan an opportunity to get in on the action.


Why is Hooker so determined to con Lonnegan, in particular?

After Luther and Hooker accidentally steal money belonging to Lonnegan's crime syndicate, Lonnegan sends his hit men to kill them. Hooker manages to escape, but Luther is killed.


Why is Hooker not impressed with Gondorff when they first meet?

Hooker arrives to find Gondorff badly hung over from a binge the night before. Only a cold shower and an icy face bath can bring him around.


How does Hooker realize someone has broken into his room?

When he leaves his room, Hooker puts a small slip of paper between the door and the frame, at the bottom where it won't be noticed. When he returns and finds that the paper is on the floor, it is clear that someone has opened the door.


How does Gondorff purposely annoy Lonnegan during their poker game?

Gondorff purposely sets out to infuriate Lonnegan with his boorish behavior. His apparent drunkenness and other obnoxious actions don't seem quite as annoying, though, as his refusal to call Lonnegan by his real name.


What is the name of the con game Gondorff and Hooker use on Lonnegan?

The guys choose an old con called the wire because it has been out of use for several years and their target is unlikely to suspect that anything is amiss. It involves receiving the results of horse races over a ticker-tape and then announcing the race as if it were being run live.


What physical affliction does Lonnegan have?

Lonnegan walks with a somewhat pronounced limp. This prompts him to use a cane and move a bit slowly.


How does Gondorff get accepted into Lonnegan's poker game?

Shortly after boarding the train, Gondorff asks the conductor about getting into the high-stakes game. His first offer isn't quite enough - "That will get you first alternate, sir" - but when he forks over more cash, he's in.


What is "the sheet"?

Kid Twist, who serves as a sort of general manager for the con, consults the sheet when he begins to look for people to hire. From there, he chooses the best guys for each role.


Why does Lonnegan have no money to pay his poker debt?

Gondorff plans to gain an advantage over his victim by embarrassing him, which also provides an opportunity for Hooker to go to Lonnegan's compartment and set up the wire story. Lonnegan is completely unaware that Billie has deftly lifted his wallet when she bumped into him in the corridor.


Why does Gondorff drink gin during his poker game with Lonnegan?

Gondorff wants Lonnegan to think he's very drunk, so he splashes gin on himself and rinses his mouth with it before pouring out half the bottle and adding water. This enables him to appear to drink heavily without actually consuming much alcohol.


What are Gondorff and Hooker's fake names during the con?

Gondorff goes by the name of Shaw and Hooker chooses Kelly as his pseudonym. The names give them an affinity with Irishman Lonnegan, while protecting their real identities.


What does Lonnegan have to provide for Gondorff before the poker game can begin?

As part of his plan to appear boorish and obnoxious, Gondorff shows up with a jacket but no tie. Lonnegan gives him one, and Gondorff promptly wipes his mouth on it. Boorish indeed!


What does Gondorff call Hooker?

Gondorff treats Hooker with respect, but never lets him forget who is older and wiser. He uses the nickname Kid with affection.


How does Gondorff win the poker game?

Gondorff goes into the game knowing that Lonnegan is a good player, but he also cheats. The only way to be assured of beating him is to cheat better, and that's exactly what Gondorff does.


The con against Lonnegan involves past-posting the results after a sporting event has ended. What is the sport?

Gondorff and his guys set up a phony off-track betting parlor where patrons can wager on horse races from across the country. They follow live races as they happen, then provide a fake post-to-post call after they know the actual results.


Why is Lt. Snyder chasing Hooker?

Back in Joliet, Snyder demanded a bribe from Hooker, but Hooker had already gambled away his share of the winnings. He pays Snyder off in counterfeit money, which Snyder soon realizes.


How does Hooker meet Loretta?

Loretta catches Hooker's eye when he begins eating in the diner where she works as a cashier and waitress. At first she shows no interest, but eventually she warms up to him.


When Lonnegan wants to do a second test run, how does Gondorff avoid having to make a big payoff to him?

Gondorff knows he can't afford to lose thousands of dollars in a payout to Lonnegan, yet the con depends on showing Lonnegan once again that Kelly's system works. The solution is to have other patrons hold up the line long enough that the window is closed just as Lonnegan reaches it.


Why does Hooker's relationship with Loretta not work out?

When Hooker meets Loretta, he has no idea who she really is, but the same can't be said of her. When they run into each other in an alley and Gondorff's man shoots her between the eyes, Hooker learns that she is really Loretta Salino, a mob hitwoman hired by Lonnegan to kill him.


Why does Hooker not take his share of the winnings from the Lonnegan con?

Having lost his earlier score in a gambling parlor, Hooker realizes the money wouldn't last or make him happy. Besides, for him, the con was never about the money or getting rich. It was about getting revenge on Lonnegan for Luther's murder.


Who is assigned to take Lonnegan out of the betting parlor when the con is over?

The guys not only need to get Lonnegan out of the betting parlor before the chaos subsides, they also need to get Lt. Snyder out of the picture. By assigning Snyder to take care of Lonnegan, they make him feel important, while also clearing both of them out of the area immediately.


Where does the movie take place?

Al Capone, John Dillinger -- Chicago in the 1930s was awash with mobsters. That makes it the perfect setting for a movie about gangsters and con artists who try to out-cheat each other.


Why is Salino not successful in killing Hooker?

Even though Hooker denies he is being stalked by Lonnegan's men, Gondorff realizes he is in danger. Without telling Hooker, he arranges for one of his men to keep an eye on him, so when Salino reaches for a gun, she is immediately taken out by Hooker's guardian angel.


What does Hooker splurge on after he and Luther make their big score?

After scoring big, Luther goes home to his family, but Hooker goes shopping. Looking spiffy in a fancy new suit, he promises his stripper girlfriend an expensive night on the town.


Why doesn't Lonnegan win his $500,000 bet?

Lonnegan is told to "place" his money on a horse named Lucky Dan, but he assumes the horse will win and bets accordingly. In racing terms, the horse that comes in second is said to have "placed," and only after he has made the bet and the race has started does he learn that he should have bet on Lucky Dan to come in second.


What is the word the characters use to refer to the person they intend to con?

The target of a con could certainly be considered a sucker or a victim. However, in the parlance of "The Sting," he's called a mark.


How do Hooker and Gondorff escape at the end of the con?

When it appears that Hooker has betrayed him, Gondorff pretends to shoot him in the back, after which the phony FBI agents pretend to shoot Gondorff. Once Lonnegan and Snyder are safely out of the building, the two men get up and begin to celebrate their victory


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