This In-Depth Personality Test Could Show What Type of Guy You Attract

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A loving relationship can be a fun way to share experiences, activities and memories with someone you really love and admire. But for many people, the idea of love is like finding a penny in the ocean. Some people find love right away, while some never find it at all. Cheer up though, because you've got quite a few attractive traits that make guys swoon over you, and that's what this in-depth personality test is all about!

Many people make themselves appear more attractive with the use of makeup, cute clothes and fashionable hairstyles. Some guys really admire this, but others couldn't care less. In fact, many guys just want to see the real you, and we're talking about your personality. So go ahead and wink at that guy at the bar, or flash a smile at your male coworker that you've been crushing on. 

After all, nothing will attract a guy more than the idea of confidence. No matter how shy you are, you've got a little bit of confidence in that big heart of yours, and that's what we're going to prove today. If you're eager to find out what type of guy you attract, it's time for you to take this relationship quiz now!

Traffic is a little more bearable when you listen to _________ music.

You see someone drop $20 on the street, but they are unaware of this. What do you do?

How do you feel when you hear loud thunder outside?

What's the best way to tell someone how you feel about them?

If you were reincarnated as a flower, what would you look at?

Which of these male celebrities would you go on a first date with?

Would you eat five habanero peppers for $50?

If you could bottle your personality into a fragrance, what would it smell like?

Would you ever want to transform into a cat for a day?

What do you think you could accomplish if you acquired unlimited knowledge?

If the concept of confidence looked like a pretty color, what color do you think it would be?

How much would your heart weigh after a breakup?

Do you think that we make our own luck, or is it all a coincidence?

Let's say that you could start a new life with a different career. Which of these careers would you want to pursue?

Which of the following animals represents a perfect relationship the best?

You suddenly have the power to grant wishes to people. How much would you charge for such a service?

Would you rather be super famous with no money or a very wealthy person who isn't famous at all?

Everyone has insecurities, but the real question is ... what are some of yours?

First dates can be scary for everyone, but how do you impress guys on a first date?

What's the best way to keep the spark alive in a relationship?

Would you go to prom with someone that you didn't really have a crush on?

If love looked like a star in the sky, how brightly would it shine?

If your trust in someone broke, how many pieces would it shatter into?

If you had a dark secret, would you ever tell your significant other about it?

How would you react if you saw your significant other flirting with another person?

Love can be a great feeling for many people. What does the idea of love feel like to you?

Everyone gets a little shy around people, but how shy would you get around your crush?

How would you casually tell your significant other that they have bad breath?

You and your significant other have the day off today! What will you two do for fun?

A relationship can teach a person many things, but what does it teach you?

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