This Gemstone Test May Reveal What Kind of Lover You Are

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There are countless gemstones in the world to suit nearly every style and taste. Some of them are appealing to us because of how rare they are, some are appealing for the power they possess and others maybe just look so beautiful we can't resist them. We've used gemstones for years in jewelry to add some flair and beauty - diamonds are a relatively recent addition to the world of stones and were never considered to be that important until the diamond industry convinced everyone they were. Before that, it was the colorful stones like ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst that held people's imaginations because they were so striking and bold. 

Whether you just admire stones for their natural beauty or you believe they hold powers that can heal the body and the spirit, the stones you're drawn to can say a lot about who you are as a person. And since these stones are very often linked to things like jewelry, and often romance, it's not too much of a stretch to say your taste in stones may be linked to who you are on a romantic level. With that in mind, why not tell us a bit about the stones you like and we'll use that info to figure out just what kind of lover you are.

When you buy a gemstone, is it for looks or something more?

Is a diamond worth the price you pay for it?

Alexandrite can change color depending on the lighting it's in, how cool is that?

There are some stunning red gemstones in the world, which one is the most appealing to you?

What color stone do you find most attractive?

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Did you know the Ancient Greeks thought it could keep you clear-headed when you were drinking?

Some orange gemstones are extremely vibrant. Which one do you like the most?

Do you believe gemstones have energy and powers to affect your health?

Citrine was thought to protect against both evil thoughts and snake venom. Would you use it for either?

Green is a vibrant and lively color for gemstones. Which green stone appeals to you the most?

What's the best way to display a gemstone?

Would you ever buy an amethyst cathedral?

What's the most striking blue gemstone, in your opinion?

If you're into things a little darker than usual, there are a lot of black gemstones. Which one is the most interesting to you?

Diamonds are prized for their clarity, and the clear, white diamonds are the most common variety, but there are colored ones as well. What color of diamond is best?

Many stones are named after something that sounds very primal and natural. Which of these is the most interesting to you?

Some stones exist as their very own shade of color. Which vibrantly colored stone is the best?

A lot of stones are named after places. Which of these stones do you feel a connection to?

Do you ever research gemstones online before buying them?

Do you own any raw stones that aren't set into jewelry?

Quartz comes in numerous types. Which one would you like to have?

There are more opals in the world than you could shake a stick at. Is there one kind that stands out?

Agate is one of the most unique looking stones in the world and comes in many different types. Do you have a preferred agate?

What would inspire you to give a gemstone to someone else?

Have you ever given a gemstone to someone you were in love with?

Some gemstones display an entire rainbow of colors in one place. Which of these rainbow gems is the most appealing?

Are synthetic gemstones just as good as the real thing?

Brown may not be the most romantic color in the world, but there are some brown gemstones that are pretty impressive. Pick one!

Which of these white gemstones is the most impressive to you?

Which do you find more appealing, gemstones or precious metals like gold and platinum?

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