This Gemstone Quiz Could Reveal a Deep, Intense Truth About Your Soul

By: Melanie Buer
Image: Rtimages/Getty Images

About This Quiz

As humans, we've long been concerned with what lies both ahead of and within us. Many of us strive to gain a better sense of both the future and our souls, sometimes going to drastic lengths to produce a favorable outcome. For many, this insight has been attained through lithomancy or the art of reading stones. Lithomancy involves casting (or throwing) stones, interpreting the meaning behind where the stones fall and, finally, discovering the symbols that are revealed.

Each stone comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and each of these gemstone attributes carries with it a corresponding personality trait. For example, red is the color of unbridled passion and oval stones reveal those who are most likely to overcome obstacles. The difference in stone size can determine how likely we are to overcome those obstacles. 

Watch as we toss the stones of your soul to see which deep truth you're hiding away in the back of your mind. Do you already know what we will discover, or will you find that you're hiding something from even yourself? Travel with us as we dive into the depths of your subconscious. You might just be surprised at what we find! 

What gemstone are you drawn to first?

Which gemstone is the prettiest?

Which gemstone would you want placed in your engagement ring?

Where is the best place to find gemstones?

What does rose quartz remind you of?

Which loved one reminds you of lapis lazuli?

Which gemstone would you most want to set into a crown?

What is your favorite thing about gemstones?

What do you like best about diamonds?

What gemstone would you wear to help you feel fierce and confident?

Do you believe in the healing power of gemstones?

Which gemstone looks like it was forged in dragon fire?

What piece of jewelry looks best set with a pearl?

Which gemstone would you wear as a pendant around your neck?

Do you think gemstones could hold your deepest secrets?

Your best friend asks you to hold onto a chest of jewels for safekeeping. Which precious gems are inside?

If you could choose, what type of gemstones would you have?

What item would you most want to set with a gemstone?

What sort of dreams could a tiger's eye stone induce?

Do you think you could use gemstones to time travel?

Choose another gemstone that speaks to you.

What quality does white opal remind you of in your partner?

What clothing item would you want to match with your gemstones?

Choose the gemstone that reminds you of your beloved's eyes.

Which home decoration would look best adorned with quartz crystals?

What is your favorite color?

What style would best compliment a crystal necklace?

What item most reminds you of copper?

Which gemstone reminds you of exciting memories?

What urban feature reminds you most of rubies?

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