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From Ancient times to modern times, let's see how well you know Rome.

Rome is located in what country?

Rome is the capital city of Italy


What country is located within the Roman city limits?

Vatican City is located within Rome


What is Rome known as?

Rome is known as the Eternal City.


Rome was the largest city in Europe until what city overtook it in the 19th century?

London surpassed Rome in population in the early 19th century


You find SPQR on many Roman buildings, what does it mean in English?

The Senate and people of Rome was stamped on all public buildings


What animal was recognized to look after ones family in Roman culture, and was carved in many homes?

The snake was deemed to give a family good luck and long health


Roughly how many people died during the active years of the Colosseum?

It is estimated to be around 500,000 lives lost in this amazing building


Rome was the first city to use what substance?

The Romans were the first to use concrete with skill


Rome was famous as it was the first city to use what design element?

Roman workers were the first to use the arch extensively in the old world


How long did it take to build the Colosseum

It took Rome 12 years to complete the 70000 seat stadium.


When was Rome founded?

Romulus founded Rome in 753 BC


How many people currently reside in Rome proper

Rome is home to 2.7 million people


Rome is home to what famous fountain?

Trevi Fountain is the infamous fountain that is located in Rome


Rome became the capital of Italy in 1870, taking over from what city?

Florence was the capital of the unified state of Italy before 1870


Rome built the world's first _______ in 110 AD

The first shopping mall was completed by the Romans.


Rome is home to what famous soccer team?

AC Roma calls Rome home


At its peak, how big was the Roman empire?

The Roman empire stretched 2.5 million miles as of 117 AD


When was the last fight in the Colosseum

The last fight in this storied arena was in 435


What is the dominant religion of Rome?

98% of the Roman population is Catholic


What happened in 50 BC?

Rome was the first city to hit one million citizens in 50 BC


What is Rome's mascot?

The shewolf is the symbol of Rome.


The Museum of ______ is in Rome?

The museum of pasta is located in Rome


Rome is home to how many wonders of the world?

The Colosseum is the only wonder of the world


How many fountains are in Rome?

There are 280 fountains located in Rome


Rome's police have what supercar at their disposal?

The police force of Rome has an ability to call in lambo's in case of


Who is the head of state in Italy?

Italy has a President who is elected, and a Prime Minister who is a figure head and is appointed


Who was the original architect and designer of St. Peters Basilica?

Bramante was the original designer of the storied cathedral


What does "Pantheon" mean?

The Pantheon means All Gods


On which river is Rome?

Rome sits on the Tiber River


Which airport would you expect to land at?

You will land at the Da Vinci Airport when coming into Rome


The Temple of Venus and Rome was designed by which Roman Emperor?

Hadrian built both temples


The Campo dei Fiori is what sort of place?

The Campo dei Fiori is a famous open air market here in Rome


The Colosseum is a major landmark and perhaps the most iconic image of Rome. What was it originally called?

The Flavian Amphitheater was what the stadium was originally called


Which actress became a star with the film 'Roman Holiday' (released in 1953)?

Audrey Hepburn starred in this classic film based in Rome


Which animal is protected by law in Rome, so that they can be seen living happily among the ancient ruins?

Cats are able to roam free around Rome.


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