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How many states are in Australia?

Australia has eight states. Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, National Capital Territory, Tasmania


How much of Australia is in Western Australia?

Western Australia makes up nearly one-third of the Australian continent, and is the second largest administrative territory in the world.


What is the highest point in Western Australia?

The interior of the Western Australia territory is generally flat, and punctuated with small hills - although, there are higher mountains in the northern region. Mount Meharry is the highest point of the territory at 4,098 ft (1,249 m).


Only the Fitzroy, Ord and what river flow all year round?

Most of the rivers in Western Australia flow only during the rainy season, with the exception of the Fitzroy, Ord and Swan Rivers.


What Ocean will you find to the West or West Australia?

The Indian Ocean is situated to the west of West Australia. However, according to Australian doctrine they consider this waterway the Southern Ocean.


What is the capital of West Australia?

Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia. It is the fourth-most populous city in Australia, with an estimated population of 2.04 million (as of 30 June 2015) living in Greater Perth. Perth is part of the South West Land Division of Western Australia, with the majority of the metropolitan area of Perth located on the Swan Coastal Plain, a narrow strip between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp, a low coastal escarpment


Northern Territory is how big (In square miles)?

Located in the north central region of Australia, the Northern Territory covers an area of 520,902 sq. miles (1,349,129 sq. km).


What infamous rock is located in the Northern Territory?

The best known landform in the Northern Territory is Ayers Rock (known as Uluru) in the southern part of the territory. Ayers Rock, a national symbol of Australia, is a large sandstone rock formation very sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area - the Anangu - and rises 1,142 feet (348 m).


What is the name of the highest point in the Northern Territory?

The highest point of the territory is Mount Zeil at 5,023 ft (1,531 m); the lowest point is on the edge of the Gulf of Carpentaria (0m).


Queensland is home to what reef?

Perhaps the most notable geographical feature of Queensland is the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is located in the Coral Sea, and stretches over 1,250 miles (2,000 km), with an area of 133,000 sq. miles (344,400 km). Over 2,800 individual reefs make up the Great Barrier Reef, and it is the biggest single structure made by living organisms in the world


When is the best time to hit the mountains for skiing?

The alpine country from June to September is the prime time for skiing and snowboarding. November to March is the best time to visit the beaches.


How many counties are within the Northern Territory?

There are 5 counties in Northern Territory. They are Disraeli, Malmesbury, Palmerston, Roseberry, and Gladstone.


What European landed in present day South Sydney?

.Europeans arrived in the late 1700s when Captain James Cook sailed along the unmapped eastern continent of New Holland (now Australia). Cook's crew sighted the east coast of Australia on April 19, 1770, and landed at a bay in what is now southern Sydney.


When do archeologists guess when people started to live in South Australia?

Humans have inhabited South Australia as far back as 20,000 years ago, as evidenced by rock art in the Koonalda Cave on the Nullarbor Plain.


What is the capital city of the Northern Territory?

Darwin, the capital city, is one of Australia's most modern cities, having been destroyed after World War II attacks and then by Cyclone Tracy in 1974.


How many world heritage sites are in Northern Territory

It's home to two World Heritage sites, Kakadu and Uluru-Kata Tjuta. Both of which are worth the visit to the North.


How many counties are in the Capital Territory?

There are 18 Districts in the Australian Capital Territory. They include: Canberra Central (which includes Inner North and Inner South Canberra), Woden Valley, Belconnen, Jerrabomberra, Majura, Tuggeranong, Weston Creek, Gungahlin, Stromlo, Kowen, Hall, Coree, Paddys River, Cotter River, Tennent, Rendezvous Creek, Booth and Mount Clear.


What state enclaves the Capital Territory?

The Australian Capital Territory is enclaved within New South Wales, and is the smallest self-governing internal territory in Australia.


What is the largest lake?

Major rivers include the Cotter, Naas and Murrumbidgee. Lake Burley Griffin, the largest lake, is a man-made body of water.


What is the capital city of Australia?

The Australian Capital Territory, enclaved within New South Wales, was created in 1901 as the site for Canberra, the capital city of Australia.


How many inches of rain does the Capital Territory get per year?

Annual rainfall amounts to 24 inches (623 mm), with precipitation more common in spring and summer, which in the southern hemisphere runs December to February.


Queensland is home to world's largest _____ Island

The largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island, lies just off the coast of Queensland, and contains half of the world's dune lakes. These rare lakes have no natural inflow or outflow, and are formed in depressions between sand dunes. There are a total of 80 worldwide.


In what mountain chain is Queenslands highest point?

In the eastern part of Queensland, the Great Dividing Range dominates the land. The highest point of the state is Mount Bartle Frere at 5,321 ft 1,622 m (1,622 m).


How many counties are there within Queensland?

There are 322 counties in Queensland. The capital is Brisbane


What is the largest river in New South Wales?

The Darling River, 1,160 miles (1,879 km) in length, flows southwest from the edges of the Great Dividing Range into the Murray River. The Murray rises in the Australian Alps and flows 1,200 miles (1,930 km) to the Spencer Gulf, directly west of Adelaide. It's the longest river in Australia and is a vital source of irrigation for the country's major agricultural industries.


What US state is Victoria comparable to in terms of size?

Victoria is the southernmost mainland state of Australia, and is comparable in size to the U.S. state of Utah.


What river creates the northern border between New South Wales and Victoria?

Major rivers of Victoria include the Goulburn, Snowy and Murray Rivers, with the Murray making up almost the entire northern border of the state, separating it from New South Wales.


In what national park will you find the 12 Apostles, while you are in Victoria?

In a part of Port Campbell National Park, just off the coastline, stands a collection of limestone stacks known as the Twelve Apostles. Created by years of erosion, the tallest stack now measures some 147 ft. (45 m) in height. Unfortunately, a few have collapsed over time so today there are only nine stacks remaining.


What was the highest recorded temperature in Victoria (In Celsius)

Average temperatures range from 86°F (30°C) in the summer months and 59°F (15°C) during winter. However, certain portions of the state can reach extreme high and lows; the highest ever recorded temperature was 119°F (48°C) in Hopetoun on February 7, 2009.


In what state would you find the world's largest piece of limestone

Fronted by cliffs of the Great Australia Bight, the Nullarbor Plain makes up the southwestern portion of South Australia, and is the world's largest single piece of limestone.


How low is the lowest point in South Australia (in metres)?

The lowest point of the South Australia is Lake Eyre at −16 m (−52.5 ft). Yes that is below sea level, and one of the only places on the continent that is.


South Australia is also home to world's largest ______ deposit?

In 1987, the Olympic Dam mine opened, and became the site for copper, gold, and silver production; it is also the largest known deposit of uranium in the world.


How many islands make up Tasmania?

Located 150 miles (240 km) south of Australia, separated by the Bass Strait, the state of Tasmania includes the main island, as well as the surrounding 334 islands. Tasmania is surrounded by both the Indian and Pacific Oceans.


What percentage of the island is protected (parks, world heritage sites etc)?

With nearly 37% of the island designated as reserves, national parks, and World Heritage Sites, Tasmania is well known as the "Island of Inspiration" or the natural state.


What seaport acts as the homeport for Antarctic trips for Australia and France?

The capital city of Hobart is a busy seaport, noted for being the home port of Antarctic activities for both Australia and France, and serves as a hub for cruise ships during the summer months. Outside the city, vineyards dot the countryside and in the past 15 to 20 years, Hobart's wine industry has seen great success.


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