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Breyer Horses are collectible models that have been popular since the 1950's. Think you know all about these beautiful model horses? Take the quiz to find out!

What was the name of the first model horse released by the company?

The first model horse released by the company was the #57 Western Horse. The horse gained extreme popularity when customers saw and asked about it in the F.W. Woolworth Company stores.

What is unique about the Breyer Horses?

Each Breyer Horse is hand crafted by many real artists. No machines and heavy manufacturing is used on the horses, making them very unique.

Is it true or false that the company creates accessories that go along with the horses?

It is true. The company creates many accessories to go along with their horses. These include saddles, barns, and other different accessories.

What is "LE"?

The abbreviation "LE" stands for "limited edition." Limited edition horses are run for a limited amount of time. Typically, only a limited number of the model horse is made.

What is "FSOT"?

The abbreviation of "FSOT" stands for "For Sale or Trade." It is used to tell potential buyers what the owner is willing to accept for their horse.

Where is BreyerFest held?

BreyerFest is held in Lexington, Kentucky. It is an event to celebrate the horses and the Breyer Horses' collectors. Attendees can also purchase Breyer Horses there.

What is the name of the Breyer Horses' magazine?

The name of the magazine is "Just About Horses." The magazine talks about new horses, the people who collect the horses and more.

Which term is used to refer to models that were created from the same mold?

Conga is used to refer to models that come from the same mold. Many people post pictures of their own congas online.

What does "disc" mean?

"Disc" is short for discontinued. It is typically used to describe a model horse that is no longer in production.

What did Breyer Horses do to celebrate the Chinese Zodiac's year of the horse?

Breyer created a limited edition figure for the Chinese Zodiac year of the horse. It was released in 2014 and featured Chinese symbols.

What was the name of the limited edition horse created for the City of Lexington?

The horse is called "Big Lex." It is blue, white, and black, and was created to celebrate Lexington, Kentucky, the Horse Capital of the World. It is also where Breyer holds BreyerFest.

Which part of the final product does not typically affect the value of Breyer Horses?

Typically, the packaging doesn't affect the value of the horses. Wear and tear on the horse from use is usually a factor in determining the price.

What color is very popular on the older models?

Charcoal is a very popular color on older models. It is a beautiful and unique color that compliments the model horses very well.

Is it true or false that Breyer makes model horses that children can decorate?

The company makes model horses that are white, and come with three small pots of paint for children to use their creativity to decorate.

Which limited edition Breyer Horse was a glow in the dark horse with a vampire on its side?

Only 3,000 units of the Night Mare were made. It was made in size 1:9 and also featured a few bats on its glow in the dark coat.

What do many people make for their Breyer Horses?

Many people make their own tack for their horses. This includes handmade saddle, bridles, and other items to decorate them.

Which of the following do some collectors do with their horses?

Some collectors enjoy remodeling their horses to look completely different to how they bought them. They reposition the bodied and paint the horses differently than how they received them,

Which of the following is not a type of live show held by Breyer Horses?

The Gymnastics live show is not a type of live show held by Breyer Horses. They do, however, have many live shows, such as Performance showing and Halter showing.

What year was the first horse, #57 Western Horse, made?

The #57 Western Horse was made in 1950 after it was first seen in F.W. Woolworth's. It's popularity started the craze of the Breyer Horses we know today.

What is "NRFB"?

The abbreviation "NRFB" stands for "never removed from box." This is typically used to tell buyers the horse is in its original box, in it's original condition.

Is it true or false that the horses have a breathing hole?

The horses have a breathing hole so they can maintain their original shape over a long period of time. Otherwise, the horses can become out of shape and distorted.

Which limited edition was released to celebrate Mother's Day?

The limited edition called "A Mother's Love" was released in 2012. Only 222 of these horses were made.

What are horses that were painted with a white base coat over colored plastic called?

Horses made of colored plastic that were painted with a white base coat are called chalkies. These are rare horses that are usually sold with a higher price tag.

There are _______ common scales of Breyer Horses.

There are five common scales of Breyer Horses. These scales are: Traditional, Stablemates, Classics, Paddock Pals, and Mini Whinnies.

Is it true or false that Breyer uses porcelain to make some of their model horses?

Breyer uses resins and porcelain to make its model horses. The horses made from porcelain typically have a glossy finish to them.

Of which children's television show did Breyer make model horses?

Breyer made models of the children's television show, "Spirit: Riding Free." They call this collection the "Spirit Collection" and include models of Spirit and the other horses.

When entering a showmanship class with your Breyer Horse, what type of model should you choose?

When entering a showmanship class, you should choose a model that is walking, or it can be standing. The breed doesn't matter as much as the look of the horse.

What comes with the Breyer Horse to ensure that it is genuine?

The Breyer Horses come with a certificate of authenticity to ensure that they are genuine. When reselling, not having the certificate can decrease the horse's value.

To show your model horse, along with its age and gender, you will also need a ________.

To show your model horse, along with its age and gender, you will also need a name. A horse can also be assigned its breed and a background that matches.

What is "BRS"?

The abbreviation "BRS" stands for "blue ribbon sticker." These are stickers that read the number of the model horse to which it is attached.

Which Breyer Horse was the most expensive ever sold?

Alborozo Madness was the most expensive Breyer Horse ever sold. It was a custom version of the horse and it sold for $13,500. It was painted at the 2008 BreyerFest.

What are model horses that are modified to have mutant features called?

Horses that are modified to have mutant features are called "fantasy model horses." These horses can have wings, horns and other features not found on real horses.

Is it true or false that Breyer only makes models of horses?

Breyer also makes models of different types of animals. Cattle and donkeys are among some of the other animal models the company manufactures.

Breyer creates around _____ new models to be sold every year.

Breyer creates around 300 new models to be sold every year. These include not only horses, but other accessories and animals as well.

Which limited edition were two unicorns wearing pink blankets?

Bella and Mozart were two unicorns that came wearing sparkly pink blankets and even had their own special box.

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