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The African geography quiz, from South Africa to Egypt, and everywhere in between.

How many non-self governing territories are there in Africa?

There are 54 countries and one “non-self governing territory”, the Western Sahara, in Africa.


How many groups or states were present in Africa before colonisation?

Before colonial rule Africa comprised up to 10,000 different states and autonomous groups with distinct languages and customs.


How many percent of the world's languages are spoken in Africa alone?

Over 25% all languages are spoken only in Africa with over 2,000 recognised languages spoken on the continent.


How many people call Africa home?

Africa is the second most populous continent with about 1.1 billion people or 16% of the world’s population. Over 50% of Africans are under the age of 25.


What percentage of the world's malaria deaths happen in Africa?

Approximately 90% of all cases of malaria worldwide occur in Africa, accounting for 24% of all child deaths in sub-Saharan Africa.


Africa is the ______ biggest continent

Africa is the world’s second largest continent covering about over 30 million square kilometers. Asia is the largest.


What is the name of the world's largest desert found in Africa?

The Sahara is the largest desert in the world and is bigger than the continental USA.


Africa is the _____ continent?

Africa is the world’s hottest continent with deserts and drylands covering 60% of land surface area (e.g. Kalahari, Sahara and Namib).


How much of Earth's natural resources does Africa have? (In percentage)

Africa has approximately 30% of the earth’s remaining mineral resources.


Who is the largest oil producer in Africa?

Nigeria is fourth largest oil exporter in the world, and Africa’s biggest oil producer with about 2.2 million barrels produced every day. Top 10 oil producers in order of total exports: Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo, Gabon, South Africa.


The continent has 90% of what resource?

The continent has the largest reserves of precious metals with over 40% of the gold reserves, over 60% of the cobalt, and 90% of the platinum reserves.


Who is Africa's largest trading partner, especially with natural resources?

China is Africa’s top trade partner with Sino-African trade volumes now nearing $200 billion per year.


How much of the soil in Africa is usable for farming (in percentage)?

Over 90% of soils are unsuitable for agriculture and only 0.25% has moderate to low potential for sustainable farming.


How much annual rainfall on average does the Sahara receive?

Rainfall variability is very high – from 0 mm/year in the Sahara to 9,500 mm/year near Mount Cameroon.


What is the percentage of Africans who rely on ground water?

Water scarcity impacts the lives of over 300 million Africans, of whom approximately 75% of Africans rely on groundwater as their primary source of drinking water. Global warming is aggravating the situation.


How many millions of hectares are deforested in Africa annually?

Deforestation rates in Africa are twice the average for the rest of the world with more than four million hectares of primary forest disappearing every year. Countries like Kenya, malawi and Zambia have 1-5% of the primary forests remaining. Forests used to cover over 20% of Africa’s 30 million square kilometers with almost all currently being destroyed and degraded by commercial and subsistence logging, as well as land conversion to plantations, agriculture, mines, roads and settlements.


How many countries are in Africa, of the top 10 deforested countries in the world?

Six of the top ten countries with the largest annual net loss of forested area are in Africa. This includes Gabon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo


What is the name of the largest lake in Africa?

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the second-largest freshwater lake in the world


Although a high biomass burner, what percentage of the world's carbon dioxide is the continent responsible for?

Africa has the most extensive biomass burning in the world, yet only emits about 4% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions.


Of the top 11 biomes, how many make their home in Africa?

Africa has eight of the 11 major biomes and the largest-remaining populations of lion, elephant, rhinoceros, cheetah, hyena, leopard and hundreds of other species.


Giraffes, wildebeest and hippos are example of what species?

Megafauna like giraffe, zebra, gorilla, hippopotamus, chimpanzee and wildebeest are unique to the continent and only found here.


What is the name of the world's largest river that makes it home in Africa?

The Nile River is the longest river in the world with a total length of 6,650 kilometres


What percentage of the world's lions are in Africa?

Africa has over 85% of the world’s elephants and over 99% of the remaining lions are on the African continent.


Lake Malawi has more what species than anywhere in the world?

Lake Malawi has more fish species than any other freshwater system on earth.


What country has the world's largest mass animal migration?

The Serengeti (Tanzania) hosts the world’s largest wildlife migration on Earth with over 750,000 zebra marching ahead of 1.2 million wildebeest as they cross this amazing landscape.


How many protected areas are in Africa?

There are over 3,000 protected areas in Africa, including 198 Marine Protected Areas, 50 Biosphere Reserves, 129 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 80 RAMSAR “Wetlands of International Importance”.


What is the largest land animal?

Africa is home to the world’s largest living land animal, the African elephant, which can weigh up to 7 tons.


What percentage of bird species call Africa home?

Africa has over 25% of the world’s bird species. Including parrots, penguins and a whole host of others


What is the newest country in Africa?

There are 54 nations and a couple of disputed territories (Western Sahara and Somaliland). South Sudan is Africa's newest country, officially born on July 9, 2011.


What is the highest point in Africa?

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and it sits at 19,340 feet / 5895 meters.


What is the lowest point in Africa (Lake Assal) in metres?

Lake Assal in Djibouti which lies at 515 feet (155m) below sea level.


What is the largest island in Africa?

Madagascar off the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean is the largest island in Africa and the 4th largest island in the world. Madagascar is just over 1000 miles (1580 km) long and 350 miles (570 km) wide.


What is the largest waterfall in Africa?

The Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls are just over 1 mile wide (1.7 km) and 355 feet (108 m) high. During the wet season over 500 million liters (19 million cubic feet) of water plummets over the edge into the Zambezi River. The spray can be seen from over 30 miles away.


How many countries have the equator run through them?

In Africa, the equator runs along for almost 2500 miles, passing through 6 countries: Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia.


What is the most populated capital in Africa?

Cairo in Egypt is Africa's most populated city with an estimated 17 million residents living in the metropolitan area.


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