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Aside from making you dance to their beat, do you know anything more about "The Village People"? Here's your chance to plug into their world. Take the quiz and find out if you're one of the People in the Village!

On what type of hip-shaking music did the Village People capitalize?

The Village People capitalized on the popularity of disco music. But even today, their sound doesn’t sound outdated!


In which East Coast U.S. city did the Village People originate?

The Village People came out of the diversity of New York City. They’re still rockin’!


When you're not going North or South, and you're coming in from the East, what do you do?

When The Village People sing it’s time to “Go West,” they’re tapping into the cowboy idea. If you want to live free and on your own, then Go West, pod’ner!


Why did they name themselves The Village People?

The Village People were named after Greenwich Village in New York, a community with a very active gay community, which was also a center for dance music.


The Stories of the Wild West are full of them. Who is this Village People character?

The Cowboy is the most all-American among them.


Fill in the blanks: The song ”I Am What __ __” was an almost-hit in 1978 for The Village People.

Gloria Gaynor had a hit in 1983 with a song with the same name: "I Am What I Am." Rumor has it that the title was actually reused from the original Village People song. But they are very different, in terms of arrangement and lyrics, though it has the same theme.


He’s the Man, and he has the cuffs! Who is this Villager with the law on his side, and the shiny badge?

The Cop is the most famous Village People character.


He’s the guy who can walk on girders 20 stories up. If you built the buildings, who were you in The Village People?

.The Construction Worker is the one with the most basic look. All you need is a helmet and jeans to be him.


Which song was the breakout single for the Village People?

"YMCA" was the breakout hit for The Village People. It's their signature song.


He has the studs, the black getup, complete with the motorcycle. Who is this guy with a handlebar mustache?

The Leatherman is the “bad guy” of the Village People. The classic full leather outfit is an icon.


If you’re partnering up with Lone Ranger, then you’re this Village Person. Who is this Villager who likes the prairies and deserts?

The Indian is the most flamboyant of the Village People.


During which colorful decade did The Village People first become popular?

It’s no surprise that The Village People were children of the ’70’s. After all, that was the glitter ball era!


Which Village People song was a sort of​ tribute to a branch of the armed forces?

The US Navy actually backed the creation of "In the Navy." They were thinking of using it as a recruitment tool, and they even offered the use of a Navy ship for a music video. However, there were reservations about a gay group recruiting people to join the Navy.


You fight for your country and what you believe in, and boy, the uniform does make you look good. Who is this Villager who can set rifles a-twirling?

The Soldier is another one of most recognizable of The Village People.


Why is it fun to stay in the YMCA?

The YMCA is a great place to go to if you're in a rough patch.


It’s a danceable tune, yes, but what does YMCA stand for?

The centers put up by the Young Men's Christian Association are places where teens and men who need a place can stay when they’re down on their luck. They made sure that young men wouldn’t end up sleeping in the streets.


What sort of travel can you do if you're "In the navy"?

Aside from the military service and sailing the seven seas, the song "In the Navy" is also about the sense of adventure.


What place was the song "Go West" referring to?

"Go West" was a tongue-in-cheek reference to San Francisco. San Francisco has a very active gay community, so it's no surprise the song encourages people to "go west."


Why does the Leatherman dress all in leather?

The Leatherman look was originally for motorcycle safety. If you do hit the pavement in a motorcycle accident, a leather suit protects you.


What about YMCA started out as audience participation?

Legend has it that the dance moves for "YMCA" didn’t include the spelling for the title of the song at first. However, after the audience in one performance started doing it, it was included in the choreography.


Most of the Village People are locked into their costumes. However, aside from original singer, Victor Willis, there was one character who also kept changing his gear. Who was this?

Alex Briley, who plays the soldier, has also worn other military gear, notably those for sailors in the navy. The theme for his character is of servicemen.


When it comes to looking good, muscles make everything better for the guy who has them. The Village People, for all the costumes, definitely had muscles. What kind of man were they all like?

It's all about masculine, macho pride. And that's why The Village People sing the praise for the Macho Man.


According to the Village People, if you’re living your life, what can’t other people stop?

The Village People are a disco dance group, so for them, "Can't Stop the Music" is a party anthem. Nobody can stop the music!


Some boy bands were picked for their voices, and others for their dancing. Why were the Village People formed?

Auditions were held for most of The Village People lineup because they had to get the basic look and live appeal right. Although there were hiccups on the visuals at the beginning, the image soon stabilized into The Village People characters we know and love.


Although The Village People still make appearances, what took a big cut out of their careers?

The Village People were the clown princes of the disco age. It's no surprise that they would eventually lose most of their appeal as the disco began to fade.


Just like any unstoppable pop phenomenon, The Village People had their movie tie-in. What was the name of the movie based on one of their songs?

The ”Can't Stop the Music" film tie-in came too late in The Village People's careers ​since disco was going out of fashion. The music, in this case, really did stop!


The Village People, it could be argued, were a record label creation. What was the name of the record label?

Casablanca Records was a disco powerhouse that also had Donna Summer.


Cruisin' was The Village People's album with their hit, "YMCA." It's a bit of a flirty title. What does “cruising” mean?

In the disco era, cruising was really that: going around, and looking to see if someone would like to go home with you. It was the age of anything goes!


Bruce Jenner starred in the Village People movie tie-in, looking like a beefcake god in short shorts. What is Jenner's name today?

Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn, and an advocate for the transgender community.


When their Renaissance album came out in 1981, The Village People tried to surf and crest another movement in music, as disco had disappeared from the charts. What was the name of this style of music?

With the advent of New Wave, the Village People were at a low point. They actually ditched the costumes, and went into the New Wave makeup and androgynous look.


In 1985, The Village People got into trouble with conservatives, after one of their songs seemed to encourage a paid service. It was titled, "Sex over the ___."

"Sex over the Phone" had a bit of a controversy, due to what some saw as an endorsement of phone sex.


The Village People have managed to make themselves popular again, and released "Let's Go Back to the Dance Floor" in 2013. What musical genre has been making a comeback lately?

Disco has been making a comeback as an influence or as part of the arrangement of newer songs. And with this new acceptance, The Village People are popular again.


Did The Village People consider themselves strictly a gay band?

The Village People say their music is all about fun and enjoying life.


The Village People aren't just wearing random costumes. What do their costumes symbolize?

If you haven't gotten the memo yet, the Village People all dress up as various "working man" fantasies for the gay community, aside from the Indian. The real trick was that they didn’t “act too gay.”


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