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The United States is a unique and interesting country. It's home to people, places and things like no other country. From the beginning of its history up to today, there is so much to know and learn. How many uniquely American facts do you know? Let's put your knowledge to the test!

Do you know what a "John Hancock" is? Can you name the United States national anthem? Think you can name the largest city in the country? If that's too easy for you, do you know who is depicted on the American quarter? You'll need to have knowledge on all things American to ace this quiz!

Can you name the second president of the United States? Do you know some of the most influential Americans in history? How well do you know your American companies? Maybe you know the answers to these questions, but can you name the college sport that is popular in the country? The answers may not be what you think!

Geography, history and even fun facts about America might stump you on this quiz! If you had an easy time answering the questions above, then you'll ace this. Take the quiz to see how well you know the nation!

If someone asks for your "John Hancock," what should you give them?

If you're asked for your "John Hancock," you're being asked for your signature. This comes from a signature by the real John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence.


When is Independence Day?

The United States Independence Day takes place on July 4. This is because this is the day that the Declaration of Independence was ratified, making the country an independent nation.


Which company is known for manufacturing agricultural equipment?

John Deere is known throughout the country for their agricultural equipment that includes tractors, combines and harvesters. The company is American, as it was founded in Illinois over 100 years ago.


Which of the following is the capital of country music?

Nashville, Tennessee is the capital of country music. Nashville is home to the Grand Ole Opry, one of the most famous venues for the genre.


Which mountain has four faces carved into it?

Mount Rushmore has four faces which are four of the country's presidents. The mountain is located in South Dakota and it was first made in 1925.


Who is depicted on the quarter?

George Washington is currently depicted on the American quarter. The quarter has had many design changes, typically taking place around every 10 years.


Who is on the United States $100 bill?

Benjamin Franklin is on the $100 bill. He is an important figure in American history, not only being a Founding Father but also being a decorated inventor.


What is the name of the game where players kick the ball and try to score by kicking it into the net?

This game is known as soccer in the United States, but elsewhere, it's known as football. Football in America is a different sport played with a different ball and rules.


Which of the following is not a correct value of a bill in the United States?

$300 is not a bill in the United States. The bills go as high as $10,000 which were available to consumers, but anything higher was not.


What was the last state to join the country?

Hawaii was the last state to join the United States, as it only became an official state in 1959. The president at the time was Dwight D. Eisenhower.


When is Labor Day in the United States?

The first Monday in September is when Labor Day is celebrated in the United States. It's a day to celebrate the individuals in the work force.


What is the name of the national anthem?

The United States national anthem is called the "Star-Spangled Banner." It officially became the country's anthem in 1931, even though it was written over 100 years prior.


What is not included on American price tags?

Tax is not included on American price tags like it is in other parts of the world. The tax is only added after going to the register to checkout.


If you order a drink at a restaurant, what will most likely come in it?

Ice will likely come in your drink if you're in America. It's not custom in other places around the world to include ice, so it's a change for visitors to the country.


The second president of the United States was who?

The world may remember the first president of the United States as being George Washington, but many may not know the second. It was John Adams, who was also one of the Founding Fathers.


What is California's state animal?

California's state animal is the grizzly bear, which has been its symbol since the 1950s. Unfortunately, grizzly bears no longer exist in the state.


In America, you can't drink until you reach what age?

The legal drinking age is 21 in America. In contrast, legal drinking ages around the world include 16 in places in Europe, and some places don't even have a minimum age.


Who is Walt Whitman?

Walt Whitman was an author who is known for his poetry such as one of his most famous works, "Leaves of Grass." He has been honored in many ways, including being depicted on a postal stamp.


Which of the following is known as an American dessert?

Apple pie is known as an American dessert although it was not invented in America. In the early 1900s, pie became a symbol of national pride in the country.


Before leaving a restaurant in America, what do you typically do?

Before leaving a restaurant in America, you would usually tip the waiter or waitress. It is a nice gesture that is used to give the employee a little extra money as a thanks.


Which of the following is a symbol of America?

America is known for its national symbol, the bald eagle. The eagle was adopted as the symbol of America in 1782, and at the time, was thought to only exist in America.


Which game played by college kids is extremely popular in the United States?

College football is almost as big as the National Football League in America. Fans show up in large numbers to support their favorite college teams.


If you have Benjamins, what do you have?

Benjamins are a term used to describe the American $100 bill. They get their name from the person depicted on them, Benjamin Franklin.


The largest city in the United States is what?

The largest city in the United States is New York City. It was founded in 1624, and now the "Big Apple" has a population of over 20 million people.


Who was John Quincy Adams?

John Quincy Adams was the sixth president of the United States, as well as the son of the second president. He also held many other roles in government before being elected president.


Which city is know as the "City of Angels"?

Los Angeles is known as the "City of Angels" because its name literally translates to "The Angels." Did you know that the real name of the city is quite long, being "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles del Río de Porciúncula"?


If you're jonesing for something, what are you doing?

"Jonesing" something means that you're craving it. When used in a sentence, you can say, "I'm jonesing for a Kit-Kat so bad right now!"


If you go to a restaurant in America, what are you most likely to see?

When you visit a restaurant in America, you will likely see a "free refill" sign at the drink machine. It is very common for restaurants to provide free refills on drinks after you purchase the first one.


Who designed the American flag?

A student created the American flag that represents the United States today. It was for a school project, but it was chosen to be the new flag by the president.


What does a Red Solo Cup usually hold?

A Red Solo Cup is the name of a cup used for drinking alcohol, often at parties. The cup's purpose is to measure out the correct amount of alcohol, but it is often used for just one type of drink as well.


Which state is not part of the Four Corners Monument?

Nevada is not part of the Four Corners Monument. The state that was missing from the options is Utah, and the monument stands where the four corners each connect.


Which retail store is only found in the United States?

Target is only found in the United States. It once had branches in Canada as well, but they have since closed. The retail chain was founded in the United States in 1902.


What system of measurement is used in the United States?

The United States uses customary units, different from most of the rest of the world which goes by the metric system. The country adopted the system which derived from Britain's system in the 1800s.


The oldest running newspaper in the country is what?

The oldest running newspaper in America is the Hartford Courant. It's been in operation since 1764 and it was previously called "The Connecticut Courant."


Which of the following would you find in a can in America?

Spray cheese is found in an aerosol can just like whipped cream in the United States! This development greeted with disdain by the French.


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