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Two years after the disastrous events in Las Vegas, it is now Stu's turn to get married. His bride is from Thailand, where the wedding will be held. Recall the monkey, the severed finger, the tattoo, and other hilarious antics with this Hangover Part II trivia quiz.

What is the monkey’s regular job?

In the movie, we find the monkey’s job is to deal drugs. She takes the money, provides the drugs, and gives the money to her owners, the Russian mob. That way, the mobsters are never caught with drugs or dealing. The monkey has worked before with Ken Jeong (Leslie Chow) in the TV series Community.


What is the name of the monkey?

Crystal the Monkey is a female Capuchin monkey and animal actor, acquired and trained by Birds & Animals Unlimited. Her acting career began as a baby monkey, in the 1997 film, George of the Jungle. More recently, she portrayed the irritating monkey, Dexter, in the Night at the Museum franchise, and she played Dr. Rizzo on the sitcom, Animal Practice.


What unhealthy habit does the monkey have?

The monkey smokes cigarettes. In fact, when Alan leaves Crystal outside of a veterinary clinic, he “hears” the monkey ask for a smoke. They both enjoy a final cigarette before Alan leaves. Warner Bros. says that the primate merely held unlit cigarettes during filming; smoke was added digitally in post-production.


Whose finger is missing?

Teddy is Lauren’s younger brother. He was brought along with the Wolf Pack for a night of mayhem. Teddy loses his finger and the audience doesn’t find out how it happened until the montage of photos at the end of the film. The finger could be identified because it still has his Harvard ring it.


What type of tattoo does Stu get on his face?

When filming the scene where Stu discovers the tattoo on his face, Bradley Cooper genuinely broke into laughter and the director Todd Phillips decided to keep that take in the film. According to his 2008 documentary, Mike Tyson felt the tattoo represented his "warrior status." It's similar to the ones that members of the Māori tribe, a warrior-like tribe in New Zealand, wore to scare people in battle. Not that he needed anything more to make him scary. He also got it because he thought the design was "cool."


Why is the prostitute full of surprises?

She is a kathoey prostitute. This Thai term refers to either a transgender woman or an effeminate gay male in Thailand. A significant number of Thais, including many kathoeys themselves, perceive kathoeys as belonging to a third gender, while others see them as either a kind of man or a kind of woman. When the prostitute, Kimmy, starts to change clothes, Stu is surprised, then horrified, realizing that he had been with her the previous night.


What instrument does Teddy play?

Theodore "Teddy" Srisai, Lauren's brother, plays the cello. Teddy is played by Mason Lee, son of the three-time Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee and Jane Lin, a microbiology researcher. He is best known for playing the role of Teddy in The Hangover Part II. The song that Teddy plays on the cello is Suite No.1 in G for cello by Bach. Did you know the full name of the cello is violoncello? Today we use the shortened word, cello.


How did Teddy get his finger severed?

Teddy cut off his finger accidentally while playing the five-finger knife game with a butcher knife. The character Teddy's achievements closely resemble those of Ken Jeong, who portrays Leslie Chow. Jeong took part in the High IQ team, played violin in the orchestra, was elected to student council, and graduated at 16.


What caused the night of mayhem?

Alan admitted he put drugs in the marshmallows they roasted. According to Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch blog, Alan probably did it by dissolving the ADHD and muscle relaxant pills in water and injecting the marshmallows with the liquid. Muscle relaxants cause sedation as well as confusion and even hallucinations, in some cases; ADHD meds, by and large, are stimulants that may induce irritability, mood swings, and personality changes. Combine those two with alcohol (and sugar!) and you’ve got a potent cocktail for a night you’ll never remember.


Which of these facts does Alan tell the guests at the rehearsal dinner?

Alan gives a speech during the rehearsal dinner about Stu, but Alan first starts out with fun facts about Thailand. Alan is portrayed by Zach Galifianakis, an actor, writer, and stand-up comedian. He hosts the Emmy Award-winning talk show Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis on the Funny or Die website and executive produces, writes, and stars in the dark comedy series, Baskets, on FX.


What does Lauren’s father compare Stu to?

Stu’s condescending father-in-law likens him to “soft white rice in lukewarm water.” His father-in-lay goes on to say, ”It has no taste. We feed it to small babies and uh, very old people.” The father-in-law is portrayed by Nirut Sirijanya, a Thai movie and television actor.


Who says this? “Oh, you are having a bad day? Did you DIE?”

Leslie Chow gets ready to tell Phil, Stu, and Alan what happened the night before, when he takes a quick line of cocaine and dies. The boys wrap him up and put him in the ice box. They don’t want to be caught in Bangkok with a dead body. When they retrieve Chow from the ice box to search his clothes for the password, they find out he is alive. He says the quote when he is shivering in the hotel room. Since Leslie Chow steals all the scenes that he is in, the director, Todd Phillips, decided to give him a bigger role in the Hangover Part II.


Who says this? “What is this, a PF Chang's?”

Alan says this as they are walking through the temple, pushing the monk in a wheelchair. They try to interrupt meditation to ask a question of the leader. The monk leader starts fighting all of them until they become quiet and follow him. The leader is played by Thana Srisuke, also known for Ong-bak 2 and BKO: Bangkok Knockout.


When Alan, Phil, and Stu wake up after partying in Bangkok, Stu has a tattoo on his face. What is different about Alan?

Alan wakes up bald after partying in Bangkok. It also turns out that he has something written on his stomach, a place and time to meet someone. Did you know in the original script, Zach Galifianakis' character, Alan, was meant to have his beard shaved instead of his head? Zach Galifianakis refused.


What is Leslie Chow’s password?

This quote says it all. Phil: “Your password is baloney1?” Mr. Chow: “Well, used to be just baloney, but now they make you add number.” The day before they met a gangster named Kingsley, who demanded Chow's bank account password by the next morning in exchange for Teddy. The gangster is played by Paul Giamatti, a character actor and producer.


Who gets shot in the arm?

Upon exiting the White Lion strip club, the trio are attacked by two Russian mobsters who steal the monkey, and one shoots Phil in his arm. However, he is only grazed by the bullet and is okay. Did you know that Bradley Cooper and Crystal the Monkey previously appeared together in Failure to Launch?


Where is Teddy found?

While Alan is playing a game of PAC-MAN, the power goes out again. Stu suddenly realizes where Teddy is. The trio rushes back to the hotel to find Teddy, who is in the elevator unharmed (albeit still missing a finger). Teddy had woken up in the middle of the night to get more ice for his severed finger (after the first bucket of ice had melted) but became trapped when the power went out.


How does the wheelchair-bound monk end up in the Wolf Pack’s care?

Doug never went with them on their wild night, so he was still at the hotel where he got a call from the police, saying they have Teddy. The police actually have all of Teddy’s identification, but not Teddy himself. Instead, they give the gang a wheelchair-bound elderly Buddhist monk, who knows more about what happened. However, he refuses to reveal anything, having taken a vow of silence. Aroon Seeboonruang played the monk in the wheelchair.


What happens to Crystal the Monkey in this movie?

The Wolf Pack steals Crystal the Monkey (who had the code given to her and put inside her jacket for safe-keeping by Chow) back from the Russian mobsters through a violent car chase, during which the monkey is shot and injured. Then Alan brings Crystal to the veterinary clinic to get help. Crystal the monkey has quite the resume -- she also starred in a Malcolm in the Middle episode.


What happens after Chow gives his passcode to Kingsley?

After the deal with Kingsley is completed, a helicopter and Interpol agents appear and arrest Chow. Samir turned him in due to the $6,000 he owes him. Bryan Callen, who plays Samir, the club owner in this installment, played the chapel director in the previous Hangover film.


What is the name of Chow’s yacht?

The four use Chow's speedboat, the Perfect Life, the keys for which were in Teddy's pocket, to travel back to the wedding reception. Alan drives. Apparently, he is an expert, because he grew up in a yacht club. However, it is clear he does not know how to stop in the water, only on land. Although they get to the wedding on time, to travel from Bangkok to Krabi by sea would involve a 1,500-mile journey through the straits of Malacca via Singapore and would have taken them at least 48 hours, non-stop, with additional fuel on board!


Why was the bar next to the tattoo parlor burnt down?

First Stu was dancing in the street, then he was inciting people to riot. Then the police came and all heck broke loose ending with the bar burnt down. Ed Helms (Stu) was severely sick from food poisoning when dancing in the street with no shirt on. After each take Helms would curl into a fetal position until it was time to film again.


What is Alan’s wedding gift to Stu?

Alan has his dad pay for Mike Tyson to be the singing entertainment at Stu’s wedding. Mike Tyson is said to have taken singing lessons for his role. He performs an off-key rendition of "One Night in Bangkok." He has dancing girls onstage to liven up the performance.


Why does Lauren’s father finally give Stu and Lauren his blessings?

Stu makes a defiant speech where he rejects being boring and instead states that he is in fact quite wild. This impresses Lauren’s father and he gives the couple his blessing. Stu’s wife is portrayed by Jamie Chung, an actress, blogger, and former reality television personality. She first gained fame as a cast member on the MTV reality series, The Real World: San Diego and Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II.


Who helps identify where the elderly Buddhist monk is from?

The elderly Buddhist monk knows more about what happened but cannot reveal anything, having taken a vow of silence. To see if there is a way to get around this vow, the Wolf Pack take him back to his Temple. In describing the monk, the tattoo artist points out a design on the monk's arm. The tattoo artist says that the monk is from the "Chang Mai monastery, just outside of Bangkok." Chang Mai is roughly seven hundred kilometers from Bangkok.


The song Stu makes up about Alan and Alan town is great, sung to "Allentown," featuring which of these lyrics?

Here are some of the lyrics: Well, we're living here in Alan Town / And he's driven our lives into the ground / When we woke up we were wasted and drunk / Phil got shot... / We got beaten by a monk / I was happy and my life was good / Getting married like a dentist should.


Who gets hit with a butchered pig during a high-speed car chase?

Poor Stu gets hit with a pig during a high-speed chase as the Wolf Pack tries to steal Crystal the Monkey back from the Russian mobsters. Leslie Chow is driving erratically and runs the car up the sidewalk, hitting a butchered pig that whacks Stu in the face, splattering blood all over him. Pigs are in all three Hangover films. In the first film, as Phil, Alan, and Stu wake up in the trashed hotel suite, there is an inflatable pig in the bubble bath. And in Hangover Part III, Marshall's thugs wear pig masks.


Who says this? "So much for holy people. Bunch of bald a**holes.”

Phil says this after being beaten up by a monk to ensure the group stays silent. The Buddhist monks shown in the film are dressed in maroon/yellow robes, which are actually worn by Buddhist monks in Tibet. In Thailand, Buddhist monks wear robes which are either ocher or orange in color.


Who says this? "I guess we don't do dessert anymore, I didn't get that memo.”

Alan says this with hostility to his mother, who answers, “Well, I’m sorry darling, I’ll be right back.” Alan identifies himself as a stay-at-home son. Alan’s mother is portrayed by Sasha Barrese, known for her roles in Run of the House and LAX, as well as the Hangover Trilogy.


What did the critics think of the film?

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 33%, based on 233 reviews with an average rating of 4.9/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "A crueler, darker, raunchier carbon copy of the first installment, The Hangover Part II lacks the element of surprise -- and most of the joy -- that helped make the original a hit."


What did the fans think of the film?

The audience gave it 52% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was a huge financial success, though. On a budget of $80 million, The Hangover Part II earned $586 million in box office sales.


Which of these nominations did the film receive?

The film received three nominations from the People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Comedy Movie, Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast and Bradly Cooper received one for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor. Zach Galifianakis was nominated by the MTV Movie Awards for the Best Comedic Performance. The film also received six nominations from the Teen Choice Awards, with Ed Helms winning one for the “Choice Hissy Fit.”


There were many different stories that circulated about lawsuits associated with this movie -- which were true?

All three of these lawsuits were brought against Warner Brothers. The suit brought by the stuntman was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. The Louis Vuitton suit was successfully defended by Warner Brothers. The tattoo artist lawsuit was more complicated, as the tattoo itself had been copyrighted work. In the end, Warner Brothers settled the lawsuit with Whitmill (the tattoo artist) with terms undisclosed.


The Hangover Part II received all kinds of recognition -- which of these is true?

Former US President Bill Clinton visited the set while on location in Bangkok. Some news sources erroneously stated that he had filmed a cameo, but he did not. And this film was a moneymaker. During its theatrical run, it became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy.


Which of these statements is true about the success of the film?

In its opening weekend, it earned $177.8 million, which was the highest-grossing worldwide opening for a comedy film, taking the record from The Simpsons Movie. The Hangover Part II did better than The Hangover financially.


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